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It's not on any channel.

To listen to it you have to go to the top of the tuner.

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Q: Which station on the poketech is the pokeflute?
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What is the pokeflute channel?

You just go to your poketech and then you just move it aroud

Which radio station has the pokeflute on gold?

there is no pokeflute in gold

Pokemon Gold Pokeflute?

Your radio has a station that acts as a pokeflute when you enter kanto

What radio station do you get the pokeflute from?

The radio station in lavender town.

Where is the tv station in pokemon pearl?

its in jubylife... next to the president of poketech

Which station is the pokeflute music?

its a hidden one. in the fancy backround, go to the top dot, it should say pokeflute

Where is the PokFlute on Pokemon HeartGold?

There isn't a Pokeflute item. Instead you have to open up your Pokegear to the radio station and you have to move the receiver to the top part of the radio. There should be a station called Pokeflute. After you find it, exit the radio and talk to Snorlax. He will wake and attack you. Note: To obtain the Pokeflute station, you have to complete the Power Plant sidequest, and then go to Lavender Town's radio station, and talk to the manager and he will upgrade your pokegear so you can get the pokeflute station.

How do you get the pokeflute gear radio station?

A person can get the Pokeflute Gear radio station by visiting the town of Kanto. A person will be required to awaken Snorlax by playing a song from this radio.

Where do you get the pokeflute on Pokemon soul sivler?

you have to get the radio card in kanto then go to it and go to the top and it will be a radio station called pokeflute

Where is the pokeflute radio station?

talk to every one in there once a man upgrades your pokeradio go to the top of the pokeradio and that is where the pokeflute is.

How do you get past Snorlax?

on firered and leafgreen, you have to play the pokeflute. on gold, silver, crystal, heartgold, and soulsilver you have to go to the pokeflute station on the radio.

Where is the poketech building in Pokemon platinum?

In Jubilife next to the TV Station in the north corner

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