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Broadway in New York is often accepted on the East Coast (of the United States) as being the longest street in the world. Its total length is over 400 miles, although it is not called Broadway the entire way. It begins in Lower Manhattan (in New York City) and runs in a true north-south line all the way up New York State, near the Canadian border.

On the West Coast, Route 101, finished in 1926, runs well over 808 miles in a true north-south line -- and it is called Route 101 the entire distance. Parts of it have been overlaid by creeping freeways in recent years, and long sections remain narrow, ill-marked 2-lane roads. But from 1 mile east of downtown Los Angeles all the way to the Oregon border it is, in fact, an uninterrupted road with one name.

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Q: Which street is the longest in the world?
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