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What substance is NOT found in nature?

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Q: Which substance is NOT found in nature?
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What is the hardest substance found in nature?


What is a solid substance found in nature that is inorganic?


Where is nylon found?

Nylon is not 'found' anywhere in nature - it is a man-made substance.

Chemical substance found in nature?

All substances are chemistry related

Which substance is usually found in nature as a liquid solid And gas?


Is gold nugget a mixed substance?

As found in nature, it will be a mixture of gold and other substances. Pure (24 karat) gold is not found in nature.

Explain what is meant by the natural abundance of isotopes?

If a substance is said to have a natural abundance of isotopes, it means the substance is found in large numbers in nature with an electric charge. Substances found in nature are usually electrically neutral.

What is the only substance in nature found in solid liquid and gas form?

Water. It can be found as liquid water, ice, and steam.

Where is potassium acetate found?

As a soluble substance we wouldn't expect to find potassium acetate in nature.

Why are elements found in nature combined in compounds?

Elements are found combined because they naturally occur together in nature, even though they themselves are a pure substance. in order to be an element, the substnace muct be 100% pure, only 1 substance, firstly. Though, the fact that it is combined does not make it the opposite of a substance.

Is Au a pure substance?

Gold or Au is a pure substance in its purely elemental state. However, in nature it is mostly found in ores and not in its pure form.

What is the definition of natural products?

A natural product is a chemical compound or substance produced by a living organism - found in nature

What Is used to identify the nature of substance?

The nature of a substance is determined through various types of observation and testing.

Why is a inorganic crystalline that is formed in a lab not a mineral?

Minerals are, by definition, found in nature. Thus anything artificially produced in a laboratory is not a mineral, even if it is exactly the same substance as that found in nature. For example, rubies are found in nature as well as being produced artificially, but the artificial ones are not minerals.

Who found out salt?

No-one, they (there are many types of salts) are chemical substance found in nature; so is 'table salt' which is composed primarily of sodium chloride.

Is chlorine synthetic not found in nature or found in nature?

Not found!

Is selenium found in nature or was it made?

found in nature

Is talc the softest substance on earth?

yes it is the softest substance in nature

A biodegradable substance is?

A biodegradable substance is a substance which can easily decompose in the nature without harming or polluting it. :)

Is the density of substance dependent on the composition of the substance or the amount of the substance?

The density depends on the nature of a material.

Where are tesselations found in nature?

whera are tessellations found in nature

Is silicon synthetic or found in nature?

Silicon is found in nature.

How is oxygen is found in nature?

oxygen is found in nature by breathing.

How do you define substance?

Essential nature or essence.of .

Is Sodium Found naturally or man made?

Sodium is never found alone in nature, scientists have to man make the substance. Sodium is a natural element, but is hard to separate from its compounds.