Which surface will a skateboard go the longest distance?

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What animal can jump the longest distance?

Kangaroos and Snow Leopards are known for their long jumps. A roo can jump 12 metres (40 feet), with the average being 7-9 metres (25-30 feet), and up to a height of 3 metres (about 9 feet). The maximum jumping distance of a the largest kangaroo, a red kangaroo (in full flight), has been measured ( Full Answer )

Longest distance across US?

The longest distance that travels entirely across the United Statesis from northwest Washington to southeast Florida and is about 2800miles, or 4500 kilometers. The distance between northeast Maine andthe West Coast is greater, but much of this route passes throughCanada.

What is the longest manual on a skateboard?

There was a kid on youtube who did a 890 meter manual (real) on a skateboard. Which is about 919.9 feet. The longest time for a manual though is 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

Who is the youngest skateboarder to go professional?

maybe nyjah Houston but l have a friend who is only ten and already been in transworld and won the Tampa am well right now Nyjah Huston is not a pro, he was only sponsored for being a amateur skateboarder. Now the youngest skateboarder to be signed as pro is Ryan Sheckler at the age of 13. . I ( Full Answer )

What cities have the longest distance on earth?

The longest distance is from North to South Pole which is 20.004 km. For cities I have found Lisbon, Christchurch 19.451 km As far as I know, the City of Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) is the biggest urban area in the world, though somewhere else might have grown bigger since this was true. ( Full Answer )

How animal can hear the longest distance?

The greatest claims for hearing distances is in the water. Whales are said to hear over the width of the Atlantic ocean. This is because water is 'practically' incompressable so little energy is dissapated through enthropic heating and the sound just keeps on going and going and going......

What is go skateboarding day?

A day that different companies combined and created to get skateboarding "out there in the open."

What was the longest distance swam?

well, i think it was um 100 mile distance bc im like 8 and on the swim team so i should really actually know this lol i read in a blog that the lngest distance wasnt caculated because the swimmer seriously got eaten my a shark..... LOL PS: itz all true :D

What is longest distance swam?

The longest distance swam in a swimming pool race is 1500metres 60 lengths in 25 metre pool or 30 in a 50 metre pool By Matthew Burton it is 10k if you are swimming in open water, which is, in fact, swam in the olympics. -Claire G.

What is the longest distance swm?

The longest distance which is swum competitively in a swimming pool is 1500m (60 lengths of a 25m swimming pool or 30 lengths of an Olympic-sized 50m swimming pool). However, athletes which train at a high level (the likes of Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Melissa Franklin and Ian Thorpe to nam ( Full Answer )

What is the longest distance a dog can jump?

The world record was around 30 feet (longer than the human recordof 29 feet 4.5 inches). A "long diving dog" stretched this to 31 feet, but this is off araised dock.

What is the longest distances swam?

The longest distance ever swam by a human was 5,600 km (3,736 nautical miles) and was achieved by Benoit Lecomte. The journey took him 72 days to complete. While Lecomte's achievement is very commendable, it was NOT continuous (i.e. he spent about 2/3rd of each day in the accompanying boat, sleep ( Full Answer )

What is the longest distance anyone has urinated?

The record was set in Omaha, nebraska December of 2008 by a one Kyle Schroeder, with a world record performance of 18' 3", on flat ground with no wind advantage. The record was set in Omaha, nebraska December of 2008 by a one Kyle Schroeder, with a world record performance of 18' 3", on flat ground ( Full Answer )

How do you go pro in skateboarding?

go to the skate park and get spoted by people who give u skate stuff.then u got 2 fill a load of forms out to be pro.then u r pro and can enter into comps.if thts any help

What go faster a big skateboard or a small skateboard?

It's not actually the size of the skateboard that matter's, its the ball bearings the wheels have inside them. Cheap bearings that come with cheap walmart/warehouse boards almost always go slowly, were as proper bearings from your local skate shop will go a lot faster.

What is the distance of the longest State?

Alaska is almost as wide from east to west than all the rest of continent USA! Alaska's length from Attu Island to the border with British Columbia at Hyder is 3602 km USA mainland Cape Alava Washington to West Quoddy Maine: 4334 km http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong.html

How do you make my skateboard go slower?

take your wheels off or put on different wheels. The softer they are the slower. take your wheels off or put on different wheels. The softer they are the slower. take your wheels off or put on different wheels. The softer they are the slower. tighten up the bearings and itll slow it down however ( Full Answer )

What was the longest stall on a skateboard?

Stall? once you get into a stall like a tail stall for example on a halfpipe you can stall all day long until you get tired stalling is really easy i don't think there is a record for the longest stall. They are just like standing on the ground once you have your in the stall. There are records for ( Full Answer )

When do Zumiez skateboards go on sale?

zumies has a section of skateboards on sale online all the time. go to zumies.com then click on sale at the top.look at the decks.

Which distance is in space longest?

there are several standards of distance: Light Year: Distance light Travels in one year Astronomical Unit (AU): Distance from the Earth to the sun Parsec: whihc is the distance at which a star has a parallax of 1 second of arc Long distance are usually measured in light years or pasecs light ye ( Full Answer )

What is the longest distance can a fax can send?

Traditional Fax machine can send both local and international distance. Long distance is bit high in cost. However, internet fax like RingCentral can send anywhere in the world as long as there is a connection of internet with unlimited pages at monthly billing. It is much cheaper than traditional f ( Full Answer )

What is the longest unit of distance?

According to me, there are many units of distance given by S.Iunits .The longest unit of distance is light years and after thatit is miles.

Which distance is the longest 23.23 or 23.54?

Assuming the numbers refer to the same unit of measurement, then whatever there are 23.54 of, there are going to be more of these than if there are only 23.23 of them.

Who has hit longest six and what is the distance?

Shahid Khan Afridi have the honer to hit the biggest six in the history at Brisbane Cricket ground where experts says that its not the 06 its 12. It was almost 120 Mtr away from the hitting spot.

What is the longest distance on a paper plane?

The longest distance flown by a paper aircraft launched indoors, from the ground, is 193 feet (58.82m) This was achieved by Tony Fletch of Wisconsin, USA at the La Crosse Centre on May 21, 1985 and is a world record.

When you go to zumiez how much is a skateboard?

Well it depends on wut u buy mine was like 230 but I got the good stuff but like maybe around like 130 cuz my first complete zero deck was like 130 so yea between 130 n 180 but if u wnt the gud stuff tht is gonna cost u any where in the 200's

Which horse race in distance is the longest?

Well this would depend on what type of race you mean. If you mean Thoroughbred racing, then Steeplechase races are often held at distances of 4 miles. While a flat race (no jumping) ranges in distance from a quarter mile to a mile and three fourths.

Which planet is the longest distance from the earth?

In the solar system, that planet is Neptune. Actually no, it's Pluto. Lying in what is known as the Kuiper Belt, it is 7.4 billion km away from the Sun at it's furthest point of orbit, and was discovered in 1930 by the astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh. So, is the right answer "Neptune" or "Pluto" ( Full Answer )

Can you go to the moon on a ramp and skateboard?

\n. That would be pretty hard to do. You would have to have a seriously powerful rocket propelled skateboard and a space suit to do something like going to the moon on a ramp and skateboard. Please don't try it. That probably wouldn't end so well for either of us.

Which is the longest distance swam?

As of January 1, 2013 the longest distance swam was 70 miles. Penny Palfrey swam the distance between Grand Cayman Island and Little Cayman Island. It took her almost 41 hours to reach the end of her swimming journey. .