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Chicago White Sox. KeVin Toronto Answer April 22, 1977.The Toronto Blue Jays play and win their first ever game defeating the Chicago White Sox 9-5. Doug Ault gets the first hit in Blue Jays history when he hits a home run in the first inning. He will hit a second home run in the game. The winning pitcher is Jerry Johnson. ---- twak22

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How do you catch a Dialga when you press flee?

If you defeat, flee, or capture Dialga before you defeat the Pokemon League, it will appear after you beat the Pokemon League. If you defeat it a second time or if you defeated it after the Pokemon League, it will keep regenerating after you defeat the Pokemon League. If you don't defeat the Pokemon League then it won't reappear. REMEMBER: YOU MUST DEFEAT THE POKEMON LEAGUE FIRST.

Who did the Broncos defeat for their first ever American league football game?

Boston Patriots 13-10.

Who did the broncos defeat for their first American league football game?

The Broncos first ever American Football League win was on September 9, 1960 against the Boston Patriots by the score of 13-10.

First Pitcher defeat 30 major-league teams?

The first Player to defeat all 30 major league teams is AL LEITER.

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That was 2006 when the Tigers defeated the A's, 4 games to 0, in the American League Championship Series.

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dont QUITE know what your talking about but the most shamful defeat in american history was Vietnam

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the reason why it was the worst defeat for the Americans was because they lost almost their entire southern army (around 5,000 i believe).

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The worst American defeat of the Revolutionary War was in late 1778 at the port of Charles Town in South Carolina.

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The lakers beat the Toronto Raptors.

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In a word: no.

Where was the worst defeat in the American revolution?


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Yes. Ash never loses.

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What is Liverpool biggest home defeat in premier league?

19.04.19300 - 6Sunderland

Who was the 1st pitcher to defeat all 30 major league teams?

Al Leiter was the first to defeat all thirty. G.

What team did the Angels defeat in the 2002 to get to the World Series?

The Angels defeated the Minnesota Twins, 4 games to 1, in the 2002 American League Championship Series to make it to the World Series.

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