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*The 1972 Miami Dolphins went 14-0 and won two playoff games plus Super Bowl VII for a perfect 17-0 record. *The Dolphins scored 385 points during the regular (14 game) season and allowed only 171 points. In the playoffs and Super Bowl they scored an additional 55 points and allowed 38, giving them a total of 440 points scored and 209 points allowed. Their entire season results, with attendance are: *Regular Season *9/17/72 at Kansas City 20-10 78,736 *9/24/72 Houston 34-13 75,069 *10/1/72 at Minnesota 16-14 45,766 *10/8/72 at New York Jets 27-17 61,720 *10/15/72 San Diego 24-10 78,212 *10/22/72 Buffalo 24-23 78,175 *10/29/72 at Baltimore 23-0 59,303 *11/5/72 at Buffalo 30-16 45,659 *11/12/72 New England 52-0 78,148 *11/19/72 New York Jets 28-24 78,166 *11/27/72 St. Louis 31-10 78,190 *12/3/72 at New England 37-21 60,144 *12/10/72 at New York Giants 23-13 62,728 *12/16/72 Baltimore 16-0 78,202 *Playoffs *12/24/72 Cleveland 20-14 78,196 *12/31/72 at Pittsburgh 21-17 50,350 *Super Bowl VII (Los Angeles, CA) *1/14/73 Washington 14-7 85,462 *Only one NFL team has had a perfect season: the 1972 Miami Dolphins! *It should be noted that the 1972 Dolphins played only a 14-game regular season.

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When was the last time two teams with identical regular season records competed in the Super Bowl?

2000-2001 Season. Ravens and Giants were both 12-4 and meet in the Super Bowl.

How many games does a team need to win to be in super bowl?

It depends on the regular-season records of numerous NFC and AFC teams, as well as the postseason seeding of playoff teams.

How is the Major League Baseball draft order decided?

The 2008 MLB draft order is determined by the regular season records of the 30 teams in the 2007 season. The 2009 MLB draft order will be determined by the regular season records of the 30 teams in 2008.

What teams do Dallas Cowboys play in regular season of 2010?

Regular season schedules are not released or created until after the Super bowl has been played.

Which 4 teams lost 1 game in the regular season and won a super bowl?

As of the start of the 2008 season, four teams have finished the regular season 15-1, however, only two of those teams won a Super Bowl. The 1984 San Francisco 49ers and the 1985 Chicago Bears won a Super Bowl. The 1998 Minnesota Vikings, and the 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers did not.

When was the last time two teams with identical regular season records competed in the Stanley Cup finals?


How many teams have won the Super Bowl record of 11-5.?

There have been only three teams that had 11-5 regular season records, and then went on to win the Super Bowl: The 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers - Super Bowl XL. The 2001 New England Patriots - Super Bowl XXXVI The 1980 Oakland Raidrs - Super Bowl XV

How many regular season games for NFL teams?

16 per regular season

How often do NBA Eastern Conference teams play Western Conference teams during the regular season?

82 games in the regular season

When was the last time two teams with identical regular season records competed in the NBA Finals?

1998 chicago bulls and utah jazz

Which NFL teams have had a perfect season?

1972 Dolphins had (and still have) the perfect record, having won all of their pre-season and regular season games as well as winning the Super Bowl.

When was the last time two teams with identical records competed in the World Series?

1958 when the New York Yankees and Milwaukee Braves both had regular season records of 92-62.

How many times do NFL teams play each other in a regular season?

There are sixteen games in the NFL season. Teams face their divisional opponents twice during the regular season. The other eight weeks of the season, teams will play teams in other divisions and conferences.

What are the teams that have had an undefeated season and then won the Super Bowl?

As of Super Bowl XLII, that has occurred once and that was the 1972 season when the Miami Dolphins finished the regular season 14-0 and then beat Cleveland and Pittsburgh in the AFC playoffs to get to the Super Bowl and beat Washington in Super Bowl VII to finish the season 17-0.

Do AFC teams play against NFC teams in regular season?


What is the most wins in a regular season by the Phillies?

Through the 2010 season, that is 101 regular season wins by the 1976 and 1977 teams.

How many teams have perfect Super Bowl records?


What NFL teams have the Ravens never beat?

Regular season: Patriots & Panthers Regular season & Playoffs: Panthers

What were the regular season records for the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl teams?

1974- Super Bowl IX (10-3-1) 1975- Super Bowl X (12-2) 1978- Super Bowl XIII (14-2) 1979- Super Bowl XIV (12-4) 2005- Super Bowl XL (11-5) 2008- Super Bowl XLIII (12-4)

Which NFL teams have had 16 -0 records?

The 2007 Patriots are the only team ever to go undefeated through a 16-game regular season.

What is the acc football conference tiebreaker?

After the in-conference records are considered, the tie-breaker is the head-to-head outcome between the two teams during the regular season.

Who wins division if two teams are tied after regular season?

The teams play one game, head to head, to determine the division winner. This game is considered a regular season game and stats count towards regular season stats.

What NFL team had the worst regular season record and won a Super Bowl?

Two 10-6 (.625) teams have won the Super Bowl: the 2007 Giants and the 1988 49ers.

Which teams in the NFL have had a 16-0 regular season record and lost in the playoffs?

Only one: the 2007 New England Patriots. Their only loss that season was the Super Bowl.

How many total games are played by all nfl teams during the regular season?

16 games in the regular season

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