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Personal software firewalls

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Q: Which technology will protect computers by preventing unauthorized access?
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Does St. Benedict protect computers?

No, St. Isidore of Seville is the patron saint of computer technology and those who work on computers or program computers.

How does copyright protect distributors?

Copyright protects distributors by preventing the unauthorized reuse of their content. This makes sure that piraters, for instance, cannot easily distribute free copies of a copyright owner's content.

What a firewall used for?

to protect a computer or network from unauthorized access

How can managers protect the proprietary technology of their firms?

Managers can protect the proprietary technology of their firms by being vigilant. Make sure everything is locked up tight, make sure the employees are trustworthy, and make sure computers are secure and virus free.

Which piece of software is designed to protect against unauthorized communications to and from a compute?


What is the process of making information unreadable to protect it from unauthorized viewing or use?


How can you protect your laptop from an emp without preventing you from using it?

You cannot protect anything from EMP.

Basic information technology concept?

The concept of information technology is not that hard as to what it may seem. IT or information technology is a way for a person to acquire, convert process, transmit, protect and retrieve data by using computers and computer system. This would be the concept of IT.

What is firewall is and why it is necessary?

A firewall is a device made to either allow or deny transmissions from other computers (particularly from the Internet) to protect the computer from unauthorized access. A firewall is necessary because, as was said, it blocks unauthorized access by hackers and disallows any files that may contain harmful data like viruses and malware.

What term relates to an ability to protect against the unauthorized modification or destruction of information?


What are some security systems for computers?

Having a computer security system is very important to protect one's computer from unauthorized access, change or destruction. The best security system is to change one's passwords on a regular basis.

How can you protect your computer againest unauthorized use or damage?

In the case of protecting from unauthorized use, one can use password to protect his computer and make it to be secret. And for against damage, switch your system off and on properly and try to use UBS.

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