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Metabolic processes or metabolism is the activity required to keep an organism alive. This process is the processing of food for life and energy for nutrients and nutrition.

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Which term includes all of the activities required to keep an organism alive?

metabolism! :)

What activities required to keep an organism alive?

metabolic, metabolism.

Which is the organism that is dead and alive?

To be considered an organism, it must be alive, so there is no organism that's dead or alive.

Is an oak tree an organism?

yes anything alive or was alive is an organism

Is an amphibians an organism?

Anything that is alive is an organism.

Is an organism something that is alive or once was alive?

Yes, an organism by definition is not only alive, it reacts to stimuli, maintains homeostasis, grows and can reproduce. Once it dies, it returns to the soil or water as organic matter. If something cannot be alive, it is inorganic. This includes all the minerals on the earth or what we sees as "rocks".

Why is an organism biotic?

An organism is biotic because it is alive.

Relationship where one organism attacks and eats part of a host organism harming that organism?

If the organism are alive, it is called parasitism.

What makes an organism alive?


What is an attenuated organism?

organisms that are alive

Is the sky an organism?

No. The sky is not alive.

What observations rule out the possibility that an organism is alive?

An organism needs some source of food and must intake oxygen to be considered alive.

An example of an organism?

Anything alive is an organism such as...... Human beings Dogs Plants

Are the bones alive?

yes, bones are alive because it is part of a living organism.

Is phytoplankton alive?

Yes, it is a plant organism.

How is the nucleolus important?

it is what keeps the organism alive.

How many cells does an organism have to have to be alive?


Is the organism a plant or animal?

It is anything alive

Is a turtle an organism?

yes, everything alive is

Is fungi alive and why or why not?

Yes, Because they are organism

Is clay an organism?

No, clay is inorganic, it is not alive.

Must every organism reproduce to be alive?

Every organism must reproduce to be alive. This is because this is a characteristic of life. If it did not reproduce then it could not carry on its species.

What keeps a organism alive?

Eating, sleeping,drinking, you know what make YOU stay alive.....

What types of plants are organisms?

All plants are organisms. If it is a plant, it is an organism. Anything that is alive is an organism.

Is a cell the smallest unit of an organism that canbe considered alive?

is a cell the smallest unit of an organism

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