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All forms of water that fall from the clouds are called precipitation. Precipitation includes things like rain, snow, hail and sleet. It is caused when water trapped in the clouds is released due to an inability to keep it floating.

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It is called precipitation. It can also be called rain, snow, sleet, hail. And when you ask a question, please do not write in this section. It makes the computer think your question has already been answered- caught yours by chance.

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It can be in form of rain, drizzle, hail, snow, or sleet.

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awsum, thxx
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Q: Which term refers to any form of water that falls to the earth from the atmosphere?
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Water in solid or liquid form that falls from the atmosphere to earth?


What is water in solid or liquid form that falls from the atmosphere to Earth called?


Which type of cycling refers to the movement of chemical elements through the earth water atmosphere and living things?

Geochemical cycling refers to the movement of chemical elements through the earth, water, atmosphere, and living things.

What happens to water once it reaches the earth's atmosphere?

Water in the atmosphere stays there as water vapor, or it condenses and falls as rain, snow, hail, etc.

The weight of air of the atmosphere pressing down on earth?

Air pressure.

How does water in Earth's atmosphere return to the Earth's surface?

It condenses and falls as precipitation (rain, snow, dew, and assorted frozen forms of water).

Does the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere that condenses and falls t earth can be measured with a psychrometer?


How does water in earth atmosphere return to earth surface?

The water vapor condenses or freezes in clouds and falls back tot he surface as rain or snow.

What is the primary energy source behind the water cycle?

Sun's electromagnetic radiation.The Sun's energy heats up the water on the Earth's surface and evaporates the water into the atmosphere. The water in the atmosphere then condenses into rain and falls back to the Earth.

What occur in the nonliving part of the water cycle?

water vapor in the atmosphere condense and falls to earth surface as rain or snow

What is Water that falls to Earth's surface from the atmosphere as rain snow hail sleet?

That is all grouped as precipitation.

What is a description of the water cycle?

The water cycle is the circulation of the earth's water, in which water evaporates from the sea into the atmosphere, where it condenses and falls as rain or snow, returning to the sea by rivers or returning to the atmosphere by evaporation.

How is precipitation made?

Evaporated water vapor cools in the upper atmosphere, turning into water in its liquid state... then falls back to Earth.

How rain falls?

when water vapour in the atmosphere gets cooled it condenses into water which then drops down to earth due to its weight. Its falls like a tear drops from god. (Simile)

How does the water move from Earth's surface to the atmosphere?

how did water from the earth's surface get into the atmosphere

Describe an example of how water moves through the hydrosphere?

water evaporates from the ocean to the atmosphere, falls back to earth as rain, and runs into the ocean.

Where does water in the atmosphere come from?

Water in the atmosphere comes from water on Earth. This water is sucked up into the atmosphere and recycles coming back to Earth.

What is the crystalline water that falls out of the cold atmosphere?


What fraction of water resides in the Earth's Atmosphere?

The amount of water in the earth's atmosphere is 1/3000.

Which type of cycling refers to the movement of chemical elements through the earth and water and atmosphere and living things?

Biogeochemical biogeochemical

What is a movement of water between the atmosphere and Earth?

Precipitation is the movement of water from the atmosphere to the earth. This is part of the water cycle.

Which planet has a water vapor atmosphere?

Earth has a water vapor atmosphere

Which planet has water vapor atmosphere?

Earth has a water vapor atmosphere!

When water evaporates where does it go?

basically it evaporates into the sky, eventually becoming rain/snow and falls back to earth. It rises into the atmosphere.

Where does most of the water that falls to the Earth as precipitation originate?

Most of the water that falls to the Earth as precipitation originates in the oceans.