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Europe, Africa, and Asia!!!

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Why do you think Arabia is called crossroads?

The Middle East, collectively, is called the Crossroads of the World because it is where the three continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa meet. Back in the day, it was thought that these were the only three continents in the world, and the Middle East was at the center of it.

Where do three continents come together?

No three continents meet at a land point but in the East Mediterranean, you have Africa to the south Europe to the North and Asia to the East.

Why is the middle east called the cross road of the ancient world?

That it represents the point where three continents meet for cultural and economic transmissions is a reason why the Middle East is called the crossroads of the ancient world. For example, Egypt and Turkey respectively occupy African and European geographies whereas Asia claims Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

Did the first transcontinental railroad go from east to west or meet in the middle?

the first transcontinental railroad met in the middle at Promontory Point ,Utah

When did the Neanderthals meet the Cro-Magnons?

Between 80,000 and 50,000 years ago in the Middle East.

Why is US afraid to interact with the middle east?

the east is the east and the west is the west.so there is a clash of civilization which will never meet because of geography ,culture and somewhat religion.howerver,dealing with the middle eastern people was not bad as they provide oil to the west and import worth of billions of dollars from the west.desite the differences Europe and America benifet a lot from middle east .

What are the names of the continents that meet at the location of the Fertile Crescent?

The names of the continents that meet at the location of the fertile crescent [also known as Mesopotamia] are Asia and Africa.

Where does subduction happen?

subduction occurs where 2 continents meet or where the tectonic plates meet. :)

What is ocean continent convergence?

Where ocean and continents meet

What are tectonic plates how were the continents formed?

these are the plates under the land and they are spins round and when they meet and they form the continents

Where would you be most likely to meet a Muslim?

You would be most likely to meet a Muslim in the Middle East. This would be countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Egypt.

What has the author ALLEGRA STRATTON written?


Where is Eurasia located?

It is located in the vicinity where the two continents meet.

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