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The crankshaft pulley should have only one timing mark, and that is the one for TDC

There are 5 markings. Looking from the front of the motor the marks start at right 15btdc, 10btdc, 5btdc, TDC, 5atdc. Top dead center will be the second marking from left then.

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Q: Which timing mark is TDC on a 1992 VG30E V-6 engine crankshaft pully?
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Where is the crankshaft pully?

it is generally the lowest pulley on the front of the engine.

How many belts are there on a Chevy cavalier 2.4 liter engine?

It has only one belt. The drive belt drives the Alternator and A/C Compressor and is driven by the crankshaft pully and the slack is taken out by the tenioner pully. It dont have a timing belt,it has a timing chain.

Where is the crank sensor on 3800 series II engine---Specifically a 1996 RS Chevy Camaro?

Right above the crankshaft pully and balancer on the timing cover...

Where is the crank shaft sensor on 2004 Hynudai Sante Fe 2.4 engine?

It is under the timing belt cover near the crankshaft pully / harmonic balancer.

How do you remove the timing belt and crankshaft of 96 Dodge Caravan 2.4 liter 4 cylinder?

The crankshaft comes out of the bottom of the engine with the engine out of the car. Get a manual on your car from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM. sorry, i asked the wrong question, i just need to know how to remove the pully of crankshaft, Thanks!

How do you replace a water pump in a 89 Toyota Camry?

The water pump is located under the timing belt/ front pully cover you need to remove the front engine mount,all belts, crankshaft pully, then remove the cover ( its in two parts) and the camshaft /timing belt as it drives the water pump. Good time to also replace the belt. best to remove the front wheel to get at the crankshaft pully

How do you set timing on 1990 mini?

the same as any other car, with a timing light and a marking on the crankshaft pully. Hope this helps

How do you check engine timing on a 1998 ford explorer 40 liter?

This is set electronically by the computer...nothing to set.Answerthe only wayto look at the timing is to set up a timing light and look at the crankshaft pully. but there is no way to set it on this truck

Where is the camshaft sensor in a car?

It will be on the front of the engine, normally just above the crankshaft pully

Millenia 2.3 vacuum pump location?

the vacume pump is located at the front of the engine, to the right of the crankshaft pully. it is between the crankshaft pully and the a/c compressor. fellow mill owner jim

How do you make a faster lawn mower cheap?

Just put a bigger pully on the engine crankshaft.

Where are the timing marks located on the 1994 Taurus 3.8L?

if you mean the ingintion timing marks, they are on the crankshaft pully. Use a rag and some cleaner to see them clearly.

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