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Colgate is one of the best toothpastes a 12 year-old would love to have. (I should know because I am a 12 year-old.) Personally, I would choose CREST or COLGATE toothpaste.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-29 07:26:04
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Q: Which toothpaste do most 12-year-olds prefer?
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Why does toothpaste foam?

The foam in toothpaste really serves no purpose. It is a foaming agent added because most people prefer foam in their toothpaste.

What is the most commonly toothpaste used in US?

I believe that Crest is the most commonly used toothpaste in America.

What brand of toothpaste has the most toothpaste in its tube?

It all varies on the shape of the tube and the onces in the the tube ithink is best for holding the most toothpaste is creast!

What are the most popular toothpaste sold in New Jersey?

New Jersey Toothpaste Inc.

Is toothpaste organic?

Most commercial toothpaste, no. Tom's of Maine say they have "all natural" products, including toothpaste. See the link below.

How effective is toms toothpaste?

The brand Toms toothpaste can be an effective toothpaste when used properly. Typically most people do not brush long enough for any toothpaste to be effective, flossing is important too.

What element is used to make toothpaste?

To make toothpaste is sulfates Edit: Fluorine is the element most commonly associated with toothpaste. fluoride is an ion of fluorine.

What is the purpose of a toothpaste dispenser?

The purpose of a toothpaste dispenser is to get the most paste out of the toothpaste tube. It is also a nice way to decorate one's bathroom with this object.

When do people uses fluoride?

Most cities in the usa add flouride to tap water. I prefer not to be poisened so i never drink unfiltered tap. Also in your toothpaste that's why your not supposed to swallow it.

What is the most likely pH of a tube of toothpaste?

Ph of toothpaste depends upon brand but most likely it is between 7 and 9 .

What elements make up toothpaste?

There are many elements that make up toothpaste including oxygen. Florine is also an element in most toothpaste brands for sale.

Where is peppermint most commonly used?


What brand of toothpaste has the most sugar?


Which toothpaste whiten teeth the most?


Can you get pimples to go away with toothpaste?

It depends on what type of toothpaste you are using. Most of the time they do go away but sometimes not.

What is the most commonly used toothpaste?

The most commonly used toothpaste is a band called youcleanwithme it was recently discovered by a Scottish scientist called Dr Smitherly.

What are the elements found in toothpaste?

There are so many elements that are found in toothpaste. In most cases, the main elements will be calcium and fluoride.

Does toothpaste go good with peanutbutter?

Most likely not.

What store sells gleem toothpaste?

Amazon and eBay are two stores that still sell Gleem toothpaste. It is an older brand of toothpaste that is not carried in most major stores like Walmart and Target.

What in the tag-line Nine out of ten dentists prefer Spiffy toothpaste what type of audience appeal is being made?


What kind of water do sharks prefer the most?

The prefer Salt or Fresh water the most!!

Does toothpaste have acid in it?

Toothpaste does not have acid in it, Toothpaste is an Alkalie.

Is toothpaste acidic basic or neutral?

i believe that depends on what toothpaste you use but most should be neutral or basic. acidic toothpaste would ruin you teeth. if your asking whether or not its harmful when swallowed then yes. any toothpaste can make you sick if you intentionally or even accidentally eat it.

Can toothpaste get rid of scratches of games?

Most times it does not work

What is the most common brand of toothpaste?

Crest Total Whitening