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Guitarist and Drummer Brian and Rodger are from London and formed a band in 1971 . but the lead singer Freddie Mercury (rock in peace) was from an Indian island .

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What year did the band queen come out?


Where did the band queen come from?

They formed in London, England

Where did the band Queen make their first appearance?

Hornsey Town Hall in London

Where did the band name Queen come from?

The drummmer and the guitarist formed the band and they just liked the name :P

Was the band Queen a fifties band?

No, queen formed in 1971.

What is a good band from 1995?

queen queen

The band smile became what band?


When was Boogiest Band In Town created?

Boogiest Band In Town was created in 1975.

What was the name of the band who sang Mississippi Queen?

The band named Mountain sang the Mississippi Queen.

When was Bandit Queen - band - created?

Bandit Queen - band - was created in 1992.

When did Bandit Queen - band - end?

Bandit Queen - band - ended in 1995.

When did the band queen start?

Queen started in 1971

When was queen band found?

Queen was founded in 1971.

What were the band queen called before queen?

Technically speaking, they were not anything else but Queen, the band Brian May and Roger Taylor WERE in before Queen, was called Smile.

At which Super Bowl did the band Queen play?

The band Queen has not performed at an NFL Super Bowl to date

When did the band queen stop?

The band Queen stopped touring with Freddie Mercury shortly before his death.

What was the name of the band queen before it became queen?

Queen was always known as "Queen". Previous to that, they had been "Smile", but that was only a band with Roger Taylor and Brian May. Many people think that that's what Queen initially was, but it wasn't. When Roger and Brian, and also Freddie Mercury, decided to form a band together, Freddie decided they should call the band Queen.

Do the Queen Band get on?


Who did a duet with the band Queen in the 80's?

David Bowie performed "Under Pressure" with the band Queen.

Was the band Queen from England?

Yes, the members of Queen are from England.

Who is the new band that sounds like Queen?

the band "Fun"

When did the band Queen meet?

The band met in 1971 in London.

What city state country or town did the Jonas brothers band come from?

The Jonas Brothers came from New Jersey...

What was the first band Freddie mercury was in?

soon after the freddy mercury band disolved, he became the singer for a group called, "queen" and became notorious for his flamboyant styles.

When was O-Town - band - created?

O-Town - band - was created in 2000.

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