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The Tigris and Euphrates

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Q: Which two rivers cradle the first civilizations?
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What are the 2 nicknames for Mesopotamia besides the land between two rivers?

The "Fertile Crescent' and "The Cradle of Civilizations"

What are 2 reasons that helped build Mesopotamia as one of our first civilizations?

The two major rivers

What two rivers are important to early ancient Indian civilizations?

The two rivers that are important to early ancient Indian civilizations are the Gandes River and the Indus River.

What are the two rivers in India where civilizations began?

Indus and Ganges.

What are two nick name for mesopotamia?

the nickname r and between two rivers and the cradle of the western civilization

Which two rivers are nearest to the equator?

Two of the most famous rivers in the world are close to the equator. The Nile and the Congo rivers have been the birthplace of many civilizations

What was the ancient name for land between the rivers?

Mesopotamia, the land between the two rivers, the cradle of civilization, and the ancient fertile crescent.

What two rivers were vital to the civilizations in the Fertile Crescent?

The Tigris and Euprates rivers... I learned that in 6th grade! :D

Between what two rivers did some of the earliest civilizations develop?

Tigris and Euphrrates

What characterize the world's first civilizations and where did they develop?

art, goverment and culture is what characterizes a civilization, they developed in the fertile cresent [the land between the two rivers].

What developed in early Mesopotamia allowed for early civilizations to develop?

Actually the two rivers gave life to the early civilizations around Mesopotamia.

Which two rivers form mesopotamias fertile crescent an area largely regarded as the cradle of civilization?

Tigris & Euphrates

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