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In almost all cases, you will need a "standard" Ethernet twisted pair cable (10/100 Base T). The connectors used are RJ-45 and the pin connections are as follows: 1 - > 1 2 - > 2 3 - > 3 6 - > 6 In some DSL internet modems, you may need a "crossover" Ethernet cable with the connections as follows: 1 - > 3 2 - > 6 3 - > 1 6 - > 2 You can buy them in any computer shop or if you are the hands-on type, you can buy a RJ-45 crimping tool, RJ-45 connectors and some standard twisted pair cable. Here is a very good URL that shows you the cable connections with pictures: Good luck... Buy a preterminated Rj45 Cat6 patchcord as they use stranded cable. The shorter, the better. Terminating your own in the field using mod plugs is for emergencies only and uses solid copper cable.

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Q: Which type of Ethernet cable to be used to connect LAN card to Broad band Internet modem?
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Can you connect your xbox Ethernet cable to your pc and still get internet?

No. You need to connect the ethernet cable to a modem or router. You can disconnect the PC ethernet cable from the modem and connect an ethernet cable from the Xbox 360 to the modem until you purchase a router.

How can you connect to the internet on your PS3?

You have to have wireless internet. Turn. It. On. You can also have a router and connect with an ethernet cable

How do you connect to the internet using a usb cable?

you go and get an ethernet cable, or wifi

Which cable is used to connect a router to internet modem'?


Ethernet Cable?

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How do you connect xbox 360 live?

Wireless internet Cable+ Ethernet cord. Cable+

Connect PS2 to internet?

Use router and ethernet cable for a cable or DSL modem

How can you make an old PC connect to the internet?

You have to have a Ethernet or Wireless card in your PC, then you can connect via Ethernet cable or wireless.

How do you connect your xbox 360 to the internet?

plug an ethernet cable into the back

How do you connect your xbox to the internet with a modem?

Wireless or Wired (ethernet cable).

What do I need for my xbox 360 to be able to connect to the internet?

You will need an dsl or cable internet connection in your home. Then you will have to get an ethernet cable to connect the XBOX to the modem.

Do you need the Ethernet cable if you have gold membership for xbox?

The ethernet cable is used to connect your console to the internet (wired). You need this to actually get a network connect on the Xbox 360.

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