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When water molecules are attracted to other water molecules, this is called COHESION. This is because the oxygen end of water has a negative charge and the hydrogen end has a positive charge. The hydrogens of one water molecule are attracted to the oxygen from the other water molecules. This is what causes Cohesion. :)

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How are adjacent water molecules connected?

Adjacent water molecules are connected by the electrical attraction between the hydrogen of one water molecule. It also has an electrical attraction with the oxygen of another molecule.

What describes the attraction of one water molecule toward another?

Water molecules are associated by hydrogen bonds.

What are adjacent water molecules connected by?

Adjacent water molecules are connected by the electrical attraction between the oxygen of one water molecule and the hydrogen of another water molecule. This type of bonding is called hydrogen bonding.

Is the attraction between the hydrogen atom on one water molecule and the oxygen atom on another water molecule an example of hydrogen?

yes because the hydrogen is called Van Plon & water molecules are positive towards that.

Which type of bond is responsible for water's cohesion and which atoms interact to form this bond?

A hydrogen bond between the oxygen of one water molecule and the hydrogen of another water molecule.

The attraction of the positive end of one water molecule to the negative end of another is?

This attraction is called hydrogen bond, what causes higher boyling point in relation to compounds without such bonds

What is the polarity of a water molecule?

· Hydrogen bonds · Weak bonds that form due to the polarity of the water molecule · Cohesion · Attraction of molecules to the same substance · Adhesion · Attraction of molecules to different substances

What evaporates quicker water or salt water?

pure water evaporates faster because it has a higher vapour pressure than salt water. Raoult's Law. The attraction between salt ions and water is stronger than that of water molecules. It therefore takes more energy to separate a water molecule from salt, that a water molecule from another water molecule.

Is a desiccant another name for a water molecule?

NO, desiccant is not another name for a water molecule.

What type bond is responsible for holding one water molecule to another water molecule?

The intermolecular forces between water molecules are hydrogen bonds, a special (and much stronger) version of dipole-dipole bonds.

Do cohesion describe the attraction between a water molecule and another polar molecule?

yes it does because the more the cohesion energy density of both molecules is close the more ability they have to fuse together

What force of attraction is responsible for the formation of a thin film on the surface of water?

it is because of the cohesive attraction.... - cohesive attraction is the intermolecular attraction between ' like molecules ' .

Why water in a room temperature remains liquid?

hydrogen bonding is a very strong intermolecular attraction from one water molecule to another, until this bond is broken the water stays in liquid form.

What is the attraction between a water molecule and olive oil molecule?

They don't attract, in fact they repel, which is why oil and water separate when left for a period of time.

Describe the structure of the water molecule and indicate how this structure is responsible for many of the unique properties of this vital compound?

Water is a simple triatomic molecule. Each O-H covalent bond in the water molecule is polar. Because of its greater electronegativity, the oxygen atom attracts the electron pair of the covalent O-H bond and acquires a partial negative charge. The hydrogen atoms, being less electronegative than the oxygen, acquire a partial positive charge. The atoms of the water molecule are joined at a 105 angle. As a result, the partial charges on the individual atoms do not cancel one another and the molecule is polar. Because water molecules are polar, they attract one another. The hydrogen of one molecule is attracted to the oxygen of another molecule. This attraction is termed hydrogen bonding and it is stronger than other polar attractions.

Why does water have high cohesion?

The slightly negative charge on the oxygen atom of one water molecule forms a weak electrostatic attraction between the slightly positive charge on a hydrogen atom of another water molecule. This is called a hydrogen bond. The hydrogen bonding between the water molecules is why water is highly cohesive.

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