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Which type of doctor checks for pregnancy?

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YOu can do your own test at home, ask for a home pregnancy test at the pharmacy or just pick one up from the supermarket. Just make sure you follow the instructions. If you are asking who cares for you, in UK it may be a midwife, GP or the obstetrician at a hospital, depending on the level of care you require. In US it may be a family practitioner or an obstetrician (ob/gyn the gyn being the gynecologist, a Doctor Who looks after the abnormal side of women's reproductive systems). As I understand, you can now use a midwife in more and more states too. Midwives are people whose expertise is very much in normal pregnancy and childbirth.

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What type of doctor checks your vision?

an optician

What is a doctor that taking care pregnancy called?

A mid-wife is the nurse who takes care of you during a pregnancy, & checks the baby is healthy etc :-)

What type of doctor specializes in pregnancy and childbirth?


What problems might occur if a mother is rhesus-negative and the father is rhesus-positive?

It is possible for there to be problems with a pregnancy. If mother's blood type is negative and the father's is positive, and the baby is positive, her blood type may begin to attack the child. Make sure she checks with her doctor regularly during a pregnancy.

Can a problem occur if father is A positive and mother O negative for their unborn child?

Yes, there is a chance that if the father is type positive, and the baby is type positive, the mother's antibodies can attack the baby. Make sure your doctor knows and checks on the pregnancy regularly.

Can problem with a child occur with mother is O negative and father is O positive?

Yes, there is a chance that if the father is type positive, and the baby is type positive, the mother's antibodies can attack the baby. Make sure your doctor knows and checks on the pregnancy regularly.

How long do you have to wait before you take a pregnancy test after a missed period?

Two or three days if you are going to see your doctor for a blood test or a week if you plan to use a Home Pregnancy Test, that checks for hCG in urine.

Is it bad to do crunches while your pregnant?

This type of exercise is not normally permitted by your doctor during pregnancy.

What does the doctor do?

operate and checks your body

What does a heart doctor do on the job?

He or She checks on your heart.

What does a doctor feel when he checks the pulse?

a beat.

What does a Doctor Who checks your vision called?


When doctor checks your teeth does it pain?

A dentest

What doctor to see about pregnancy?

OBGYN or your family doctor.

Are stomach pains a symptom of pregnancy?

Some women have mild PMS type cramps throughout their pregnancy, take a home test or go see a doctor to be sure.

What does an eye doctor do?

The eye doctor checks your eyes and they tell you if you need glasses

What type of government has checks and balances?

A democracy has checks and balances.

What is obi-gyni?

A doctor who checks menstruation.

Where does the blood go after you donate it?

it goes to the hospital and when somebody loses blood in an injury, the doctor checks the patients blood type and then looks at the blood for the same type and injects the patient with the blood

How do you confirm pregnancy?

See a doctor.

Will a doctor test for THC when testing blood for pregnancy?

no. when testing for pregnancy, all they look for is pregnancy hormones

What does a doctor check during a physical?

the doctor checks your basic mobility, makes sure that you don't have any defects that will cause you to get hurt, and all in general checks you physical status.

What if a pregnancy test says your not pregnant and you have all the symptoms of as pregnancy?

Go to your doctor.

Is it possible for at home pregnancy test to be wrong if your still experiencing pregnancy symptoms?

It is definitely possible for an at home pregnancy test to be wrong. It can depend on the type of test or you could have taken it too early. Wait a little longer and go to the doctor.

Is it safe to use Hydrocortisone during pregnancy?

your safest choice would be to ask your doctor about every type of medicine, even topical.