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Which type of headlights are not legal in the US?


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March 01, 2014 3:34PM

Any vehicle equipment not authorized by your state laws is illegal to install on a motor vehicle. Typically, like in Texas, the transportation code references the federal DOT guidelines for what lights are legal to install on a motor vehicle. Chance are if you are installing aftermarket lighting that is signficantly different than factory lights and you don't see a DOT marking on them, they are probably not street legal. However, it is unlikely you will receive a citation for using them unless they are just compeltely inadequate or looking at them it is just completely obvious they are out of specifications of what would normally be okay (like passing by in a car causes temporary blindness because your lights are too bright and not aimed properly). Good news is most transportation codes give you an out to fix the problem before your court date, and bring proof to the court to have the charges dismissed should you receive a citation.