Which type of music makes plants grow taller?


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The best music for plants to grow faster is metal music , they proved it in Myth Busters.

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They don't make plants grow taller

Plants grow taller by using indoor grow lights.

plants will grow taller using diet coke

They don't help your plants grow taller, no. But things that do are: water and sun.

why can most vascular plants grow much more taller then nonvascular plants

I think it makes plants grow taller.

plants grow taller in the dark because plant will grow until they find light, but will eventually die.

They get sunlight and water and grow!!

there are different plants in the country,so some plants doesn't grow taller even you put some fertilizer on it.. but it became healthy..:)

I thought the same thing and i did the experiment and the music that actually helps a plant grow taller is Pop music the more pop music that you have the better for the plant.

Ferns being vascular plants grow taller than mosses

You know when they are taller than they were!

well plants grow taller in soil because it has nutriuns and It is a mixture of mineral and organic constituents that are in solid, gaseous and aqueous states so that helps the plants grow

drink milk it makes your bones stronger and makes you taller or eat yogurt

No because light and water makes plants grow. (You need to go back to 1st grade)

vascular plants grow taller than non vascular plants because they have roots to transport water higher where as non vascular plants have to absorb their water from the ground.

Plants actually grow taller in the dark, because plants grow towards the closest light source. If there is no light source, they continue to grow and try to find light, but because plants need the sun as an energy source, they will die if they don't find the light.

ferns grow taller than mosses because ferns are vascular plants and mosses aren't

The plants in soil with worms will grow taller than those without worms. The worm play an integral role in which they allow plants to absorb more water and nutrients and thereby growing taller.

Forest trees are taller because there is more space for them to grow. Forest trees are taller because there is more space for them to grow.

Do u mean WHAT MAKES PLANTS GROW? if thats the question, photosynthesis, i think, makes plants grow.

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