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Which type of observations can be expressed using numbers?


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2020-04-02 18:14:17
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operational observations

quantitative observations

manipulated observations

qualitative observations

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Primary and SecondaryPrimary Research: Interviews, Observations, ect.Secondary Research: Articles, Books, ect.One type of research is called quantitative research. This type of research involves numbers. Another type of research is called qualitative research. This type of research involves things like surveys and observations.

What is expressed when both alleles for a gene are equally expressed as in human blood type is known as "co-dominance".

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If it terminates, then that means you can repeatedly multiply it by 10 until the result becomes an integer. Therefore the numbers can be expressed as A/10^n where A and n are integers.

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Not if both parents are O. There are three alleles (flavors of gene) for blood type: A, B, and O. Everyone gets two alleles, one from each parent. Depending on which allele is dominant, that determines what blood type someone is. If you get an A from your mother and an A from your father, you are AA and thus have blood type A, i.e. the expressed blood type is A. Similarly: A + A = AA (expressed blood type: A) A + B = AB (expressed blood type: AB because A and B are both dominant) A + O = AO (expressed blood type: A because A is dominant) B + A = AB (expressed blood type: AB) B + B = BB (expressed blood type: B) B + O = BO (expressed blood type: B) O + A = AO (expressed: A) O + B = BO (expressed: B) O + O = OO (expressed: O) As you can see, someone whose expressed blood type is O (which is rare) has two O alleles, OO. These two people can only have children with the expressed blood type of O, as a result. However, if one parent is BO (expressed: B) and the other parent is BO, AO, or OO, then it is possible for the children to be: AB (AB), AO (A), BO (B), or OO (O).

Qualitatively refers to a type of research without numbers, but observation. Researchers must be involved constantly in data collection and analysis and communicate their results and conclusions based on their direct observations.

Imaginary numbers are only ever used when you are using the square roots of negative numbers. The square root of -1 is i. You may find imaginary numbers when you are finding roots of equations.

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One type of material that would be necessary when using a stereoscopic microscope is a wet mount. Small insects or small flower structures are two more materials or observations to be used for a stereoscopic microscope.

There Are Two main types of data. Qualitative data are expressed As numbers, obtained by counting or measuring. Another type of data is called an inference.An inference is a logical interpretation based on prior knowledge or experience.

A recessive allele must have two copies to be expressed.

because the game wasn't designed so that you can type numbers in chat.where you want to type the numbers?

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It is better to type in numbers in the ordinary manner and then apply the formatting using the spreadsheet. If you type currency symbols in directly, it will often not be treated as a number.

answ2. This type of question is designed to show the superiority of using scientific notation when calculating using large numbers.The answer is 100000090000000098579324875893275 (not so).

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