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the planets jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune are the larger planets. They are also called jovian/giant planets.

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Are outer planets or inner planets larger?

The outer planets are larger.

Are jovian planets larger than terrestrial planets?

Yes, Jovian planets are much larger than terrestrial planets.

Are the inner planets larger then the outer planets and are they made of gas?

No. The outer planets are larger and are mainly gaseous.

Are outer planets larger and rockier than inner planets?

they are larger but not rockier then the inner planets the outer planets are made of gas.

What the asteroids are larger or smaller than planets?

are asteroids smaller or larger than planets

What type of planets have moons?

In principle, larger planets tend to have more moons - or to be accurate, more massive planets. However, even fairly small asteroids are known to have moons/companions.

What is larger an asteroid or a planet?

Planets are larger, generally much larger.

What two planets are larger than the moon?

Actually all the current planets are larger than our moon.

Why does the moon appear to be larger than the planets?

The moon appears much larger than the planets because it is closer.

Which two planets are much larger than the rest?

Jupiter and Saturn both are larger planets than the rest.

What four inner planets are larger than the outer planets?

The inner planets are smaller than the outer planets.

What do tiny planets orbit?

Like larger planets, dwarf planets also orbit the sun.

Do smaller planets have more moons?

No. Larger planets have more moons.

Which planets larger than earth has a moon?

All of the planets larger than Earth have several moons.Mercury and Venus are the only planets for which no satelliteshave been discovered.

How are the four outer planets alike?

The four outer planets are all of the type astronomers call "gas giants", and have no hard, rocky surface per se. The inner planets are all solid rocky "terrestrial" planets. Also, the four outer planets are larger in size and lesser in density than the inner planets.

What do the larger planets in common?

Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are all gas planets.

Are gas planets smaller or bigger than rocky planets?

They are larger, at least based on the planets in our solar system.

How are planets compared to asteroids and planets?

Planets are larger and more massive than asteroids, but very nearly the same size and mass as planets.

Have you found any other planets bigger than Jupiter?

No, but some telescopes have detected larger planets orbiting other suns. There are larger planets than Jupiter for they are called Super Jupiters

Is 250 planets larger than 100 stars and 100 asteroids?

YES, 100 stars and 100 asteroids are larger than 250 planets

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