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the type of rock made mostly from clay is the shale rock


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the type of rock made mostly from clay is the shale rock

it is made up of the type of rock that is called the ciarra rock its mostly made in purto rico and france

Toilets are generally made out of porcelain which is a type of ceramic created by heating types of clay such as Kaolinite which is a clay mineral.

Clay is a type of rock because it has some of the rock's characteristics. For example, aluminum.

They are made up of mostly crystalline rock.

A brick is not a rock. It is a building material made out of baked clay.

I'm not sure but the mantle, which is molten, is mostly made up of peridotite (a type of rock); the core is made mostly of the metal iron

China clay is a type of clay that is rich in kaolinite, which is a layered silicate mineral. Silicate minerals are a type of rock-forming mineral.

The great wall of china made out of wood, stone, and hard clay.

Earth's outer core is not made of rock. It is made of molten metal; mostly iron and nickel.

Pyramids were mostly made up of Limestone,granite,clay, and some type of mud and sand

Pelites are clastic rocks made from clay and they may be specifically called mudstones, siltstones, and shales.

there is no lasgical answer The oceanic plates are mostly made up of Basalt

The surface of the moon is mostly basalt while the interior is probably peridotite.

Sandstone is made up mostly of sediments of quartz and/or feldspar. Therefore sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock.

Granite rock is a type of ingenuous rock made mostly of quartz. Granite is used in buildings, bridges, countertops, tiles, monuments and paving.

Venus is not made of gas. It is made of rock and metal like Earth is. The atmosphere of Venus is made mostly of carbon dioxide.

they made clay out of speacial stones then made clay then made pots

Magma IS made of melted rock and minerals. Not what type of rock. All types of rock.

Because it is made of a type of clay called China clay.

terecotta soldiers are made out of Terecotta clay wich is very strong.

The base and outside is made mostly of reinforced concrete, with the interior made with pink granite from Wales.

Yeast: yesClay: no, it is a type of rock.

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