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Which types of taxes are most important to the government?

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the most impotant taxes are the ones that given to nhs and the health and safety departments like police service, hospitals, fire bergaids, abulances ect. with out these we would not have the help of our countrys services and be like america with having to pay every single bill from the health service and so on... so be carefull how you think about the taxes and i agree that thy take to much but with out it we would be down in the dump.

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What types of taxes are federal taxes?

Federal taxes are paid to the federal government. There are many different ones; in the transportation business income tax, Social Security tax, unemployment tax, fuel tax, road tax and federal excise tax are the most important.

The most important issues facing the new federal government?

The most important issues facing the new federal government were leadership and financing. As a new government, finding the right government was a difficult task. Funding this new government was also difficult without imposing taxes and meeting resistance.

Why are taxes the most important resource of the government?

The government imposes a certain amount as usage costs (tax) on each and every commodity we get in the market.when we buy any commodity we pay certain percentage of our total bill to the government as tax. This money when accumulates from various forms of taxes such as income tax ,VAT etc. is used by the government for the welfare of the country. The biggest source of income for a country's government is the tax collected by each person of the country. Hence taxes are the most important resources for the government.

Where does most of the government money come from?


How does the federal government get most of its money?


Where does the government get most of its income?

mainly taxes

Where does most of the government's money go to?

meet the needs of citizens for important services , the taxes that pay for government , parts of most citizens incomes , in addition.

What funds the school systems?

The school system is funded by the federal government. And the federal government gets money from our taxesMost school systems rely on taxes for most of their funding (mostly property taxes) and for funds supplied by the state government.

Where does the federal government gets most of its revenue from?


What would most likely occur if the government's priority was to increase government expenditures?

increase taxesincrease taxesincrease taxes.

The national government gets most of the money it needs from?


How does the US government get most of its money?

From taxes paid by citizens.

Which branch of government collects taxes?

executive most likely

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Which types of taxes provides most local revenue?

income tax

What types of government are the most restrictive?

a government where most are restricted to the higher in office people

What taxes provide the federal government with most of its money?

Security Spending

What level of government relies the most on income taxes?

Federal Gvt

When is the government budget deficit is most likely to rise?

When there is a decrease in taxes

How does the U.S. government get most of its money?

from taxes paid by citizens

What are two types of government policies that influence the economy?

Government intervention in the economy can be seen in various forms. The two that perhaps most directly influence an economy are price controls and taxes. Price controls set maximum or minimum prices by which a product can be sold. Various types of taxes can create a wedge between what a buyer pays and a seller receives in regards to products.

What is income tax?

Income tax is the tax that the government takes out of the income you earn. It is the main form of taxes that the government receives from you. This money is used to pay for infrastructure, military, government employees, government programs such as welfare or grants, and anything else the government needs to pay for. The amount of taxes that are taken out of your paycheck depends on the income bracket in which you stand. Typically, if you make more money, you will be taxed a higher percentage.

What is most likely to occur after the government increases taxes?

consumer spending decreases

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What is the most important source of revenue for the federal budget?

Through taxes