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It depends on the length of the shower, and the flow of water. Shower heads can usually allow anywhere between 2.5 and 5 gallons of water a minute. Most baths require 30-50 gallons of water.

To save energy the length of the shower x, multiplied by the water flow y, must equal less than the amount of water used in the bath.

X*Y (Minutes/Gallons) < Gallons in Tub

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Q: Which uses more water a bath or shower?
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What is the problem statement for Which uses more water a bath or shower?

A bath uses way more water. Average bath uses about max 60 litres compared to a shower of about 15 to 20 litres.

What uses more water a five minute shower or a bath?

Definitely a bath

What uses less water a bath or a shower?

A shower uses much less water than a bath.

Which uses more water a shower or bathtub?

Normally you will use more water taking a bath than a shower.

What uses the most water shower or bath?

Depends on how full the bath is and how long you shower.

What uses the most water bath or shower?

Depends on how full the bath is and how long you shower.

Is more water used when one takes a shower or a bath?

According to the Department of Energy a shower uses more hot water than a bath. They say that 12 gallons of hot water are used in a shower and only 9 gallons in a bath.

Which uses the least amount of water a bath or a shower?

Generally, a shower always uses less water.

Which is better for the environment bath or shower?

Shower - it uses less water

What can use more water a bath or a shower science project?

showerThe Bath uses a lot more as the tub spout does NOT have a flow restrictor

Does shower water take more water then bath water?

No and yes it matters how long your in but for me i am in the shower for 5-10 minuets and it uses more then a bath. The reason is that when your in a bath the same water is being used through your cleaning but with a shower it is being filtered the whole time. For me I would recommend using the shower because it is a cleaner way to clean yourself.

What uses more a bath or a ten minute shower?

It depends on how big your bath is, and how fast the water is running in the shower.An average bath uses between 30-50 gallons of water. An average four minute shower with an old shower head uses 20 gallons of water. With a low-flow shower head, you only use 10 gallons of water.So a shower is probably better. People who are interested in saving water would try to limit their shower time to four minutes. You don't need 10 minutes to wash yourself.

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