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Which vehicle is best for these expensive gas prices?


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Depends on your tastes, but I just bought a 400cc scooter. I commute to work 5 days a week and ride for pleasure, all for about a gallon of gas per week. Can't beat it. I purchased a 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid and it averages 38-40 mpg highway driving and about 35 mpg in the city. A good ten-speed bicycle will get you around for no gasoline.


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Yes, buying expensive gas only pushes prices higher

back then the most expensive now was .31 cents

One of the best prices I found on a Weber gas grill was $126.00 to $200.00. The best price I found was on a portable gas grill.

yes because in 2000 the gas price was $1.95 and in 2012-2013 the price is $3.72

Gasoline was 20 cents per gallon in 1913. That is equal to $4.42 in todays money. So as you can easily see gas was very expensive in the 1900s.

I usually always get my gas at Arco because of their cheap prices. Sometimes I get my gas at the Vons gas stations because they offer 3 cents off per gallon. there are many more available option at all different local level. shell and lukeoil and even cidko are the gas station which offer the best prices.

lowest gas prices ? lowest gas prices for southern illinois ?

The tank itself will be more expensive if you get a propane tank. So for propane the start up cost is more, however the prices of propane and gas can vary significantly based on location.

Gas prices in 1990 were $1.34

the gas prices in 2009 were about 3.20

Since when did the president control the gas prices? The President can't control the gas prices. The only way the gas prices will go down is when gas companies can buy the gas for less.

Used vehicles can be both economical and reliable, especially for first car buyers. Features to look for in a good used vehicle include low mileage, good body condition, engine integrity, gas mileage and how many owners the vehicle has had. It is best to have a used car looked at by a mechanic before purchasing the vehicle. There are many used vehicle websites that allow you to compare prices of vehicles online. Some of these websites include and

Gas prices in 1993 were at an average of $1.07.

They defenitly should not because 62% of Canada cannot afford the expensive gas prices the companies are charging and also so that people can have a summer vacation because every summer they raise gas prices which causes people to not go somewhere during the summer!! I Hope I Helped And Good Luck If You Are Doing A Paper!! x)

The rising gas prices will affect teenages just as the rising gas prices affect everyone.

The historical gas prices were pretty cheap than the gas prices today. In 1930s the gas prices were 17 cents per gallon.

The gas prices in 1996 ranged from poo to crap.

what were the gas prices in 2000? $3.00 per gallon!

In 1992 gas prices are just $1.19 to $1.30

With gas prices on the rise its no wonder people are interested in converting your vehicle to propane. Propane costs significantly less than regular or diesel fuel. Propane has better mileage for distance than gas. It can be extremely cost effective.

form_title=Buy A Vehicle with the Best MPG form_header=With gas prices rising and staying high, getting the most bang for your buck is important. What type of vehicle are you looking for?= [] Car [] Truck [] Van [] SUV [] Other Do you spend more time driving in the city or on the highway?= () City () Highway How many miles do you typically put on the car each year?=_

The suvs with the best gas efficiency mileage has to be the new hybrid versions of the suvs. Most of the traditional suvs have made hybrids due to high demand and gas prices.

how much is gas prices

Bush's gas prices went as high as 4.40 in July of 2008. Demand, not presidents, control gas prices.

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