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There is no such thing. Your penis will get hard and big if you are sexually excited. Temporarily, of course.

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What does volume have to do with a boat?

My big long dick big long dick big long big long dick big long dick

What type of food are ramen noodles?

Biggggdiccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkbig dickbig dickbig dick

Does Dylan Sprouse have dick?

yes he does its very big i know cuz i sucked it sucked it hard

Is a 8 inch penis big for a 15 year old?

Dude your dick is freaking huge yes thats big im 17 and my penis is only 4.5 on hard about 1.75 off hard

Where to find a short about macheal Jordan?

under his big dick under his big dick

What are the sources of vitamin d?

Milk and cheese are a big sources of vitamin D.

How big are piranhas teeth?

about as big as kalebs dick( little)

How do you say dick in Arabic?

"zip" means dick. You can also add "Sagheer" for small, and "Bagheer" for big/large. For example: "I got a big dick" translates into "Ana zip Bagheer" dude ur saying that ur a big dick it actually ana andi zub kabeer

How big was Moby Dick?

as big as 11 great white sharks

How big did Columbus think the Earth was?

As big as my dick. Which is very large.

How big an area is 5 square feet?

As big as lachie's dick

How is shoe size measured?

By how big your dick is

What is philistine in a sentence?

I have a big philistine dick

Can dwarf hamster grow?

They grow from when they are a baby to about as big as your thumb. They stay pretty small. This makes them hard to find

How do have good sex very hard?

you can have sex very hard just drunk the guys or the girls and then you if you are a girl just drunk them and then you look at there dick and then if it big you are really going to have a good tome when you have sex but check first OK

What features does a penguin have?

A big, huge, dick. Floppy flippers, and a big ballsack.

How big is a vortech v-6 engine?

about as big as a dwarfs dick

Does the butt grows when they stick a penis up a girl butt?

If your dick is big, then yes, if your dick is small then no.

What is production analysis?

product analysis is my big dick

Who is Big Dick Johnson?

He a writer for wwe smackdown

Hacdlchdkssc and fsda?

O___O that's a big dick

What is a faulted mountain?

a fault mountain is a big big big rock suck a dick get a life and look in a dictionary

How do you spell big dick in french?

it is fuck My Sister also known as FMS bitch also f*uck me pls

How big is johnny sins?

He is really big bigger than my dogs dick.....no i don't know

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