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Q: Which was the first African country to have been affected by bird flu?
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What country has been most affected by an earthquake?

the most country that was affected by an earthquake was japan

What country will be least affected by global warming?

Answer : Madagascar has not been affected yet.

Which country has been affected by Typhoon recently?

The Philippines.

Which West African country was never a colony?

The West African country of Liberia has never been a colony.

Were there any countries that were not affected by the Columbian Exchange?

No country has not been affected by the Columbian Exchange, whether directly, or indirectly (by crop diffusion then cultural diffusion inside the country). However possibly some communities have not been affected, but surely no country.

Which country imported the first African slaves?

Im not quite sure, but i've been told before that its Brazil.

What country has been most badly affected by tsunami?


Has the Olympics ever been hosted by an African country?


What is the African country to never have been colonised?


Which African country has been independent the longest?


What the only west African nation that was never a colony?

The West African country of Liberia has never been a colony.

What three African Americans have a number one country hit?

Although several African Americans have been in the country music industry. The only one to become a big star was Charley Pride. Charley Pride is the only African American to have a string of #1 hits on the country music charts. His first came in 1966, with "Just Between You and Me."

What is the only African country never to have been occupied by a foreign power?


Who was the first African American man nominated as vice president?

There has not been a major Vice Presidential candidate who has been African American.

Was Alfreda Johnson Webb the only black female veterinarian?

When she graduated from Tuskegee, she was the first African-American female veterinarian in the country. However, there have been hundreds of African-American female veterinarians trained since then.

Which East African country has been hard hit by war in recent years?


Are British people are affected Malaria?

You won't catch malaria in Britain because we don't have mosquitos but British people can be affected by it if they have been to a country where it can be caught.

How does multinational companies affect the economy of your country?

It is usually affected even in anything it is affected so its been affected much....... GUYS THIS IS ONLY A JOKE JUST TRYING TO TYPE hahahaa been prank xhgz bjvdfuiah yu tfsgtvcjh

How many times has the World Cup been hosted in Africa before South Africa?

this years 2010 world cup is the first time an African country has hosted it

What country has been the worst affected by a deadly outbreak of E.coli bacteria linked to contaminated vegetables?


Which country has the highest per capita rate of AIDS?

In the past decade, an African country has always been the leader (unfortunately) in this category.

Who was the first African American chief justice of the court?

There has not been an African American Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. The first African American Associate Justice was the Honorable Thurgood Marshall.

What country or place did African migrate from?

As far as we can tell Africa is the cradle of humanity (it is where the first men and women evolved and lived). Therefor the African people have not migrated from anywhere, they are were they always have been. It is the people round the rest of the world that have migrated from Africa.

What are the countries that have been affected by climate change?

Climate change, like global warming, is global, that is, all over the world, so every country is being affected.

Who gets sickle cells?

Mostly people of African decent are affected. However, it has also been known to occur in Asians and Hispanic peoples.