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Which way does Jupiter spin?

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Does Jupiter spin on axis?


Which direction does Jupiter spin east or west?

Jupiter spins from West to East.

Why does Jupiter have to spin?

The planet Jupiter must spin to keep its self up its called gravity and without it all the planets would go around space and collide of worse so it must "spin" to keep "afloat "

What direction do the planets Jupiter Pluto and Mercury spin in?

all planets spin the same way' except for 1. this odd planet is venus.out of all the nine planets, venus is the only planet to spin clockwise. this is because billions of years ago venus got hit by an asteroid, this asteroid effected not only the way that it spins, but also how fast it will go. Jupiter spins faster than any other planet. A point on the equator of Jupiter spins faster around the center of the planet at a speed of 28,273 mph. The speed of the spin makes the planet bulge slightly at its equator.

How fast does Jupiter spin on its axis?

it takes 9.8 hours

How long does it take for Jupiter to do one spin?

2 days

Why do Jupiter spin around the sun ten hours?

Easy answer: it doesn't. Jupiter revolves or orbits the sun in 11.86 years, or about 4,226 days. The rod 'Spin' does not mean the same as 'revolve'.

How long does it take for the Jupiter to make a rotation complete?

It takes approximately 10 hours for jupiter to spin on its axis

How long does Jupiter spin around the axiz?

It takes about 9h and 50min.

How fast does the Great Red Spot on Jupiter spin?

about 2000km per our

How are the weather patterns on Jupiter simpler than on Earth?

The weather patterns on Jupiter are simpler than on earth because the storms, such as the big red spot, on Jupiter spin the opposite way as hurricanes on earth. Storms on Jupiter do not need water. All it needs are clouds. Storms on earth need clouds AND water.

Does Jupiter spin counter clockwise or clockwise?

Jupiter spins counter clockwise. To be exact, it spins counterclockwise when viewed from above the north pole. That's the same direction of spin as most of the planets, including Earth.

What is the length of day for Jupiter?

Jupiter has the shortest day in our solar system, at about 9 hours and 55 minutes to spin once on its axis.

Which planet spins the slowest on it axis?

Jupiter has the slowest spin; one full rotation of Jupiter is equal to 9.8 Earth hours.

Does Jupiter spin faster than any planet?

Yes, Jupiter rotates on it's axis once every 10 hours.

How long it take Jupiter to spin on it aixs?

About 9 hours and 50 minutes.

How long does it take Jupiter to spin around one time?

Jupiter rotates on its axis once in about every 9 hours 55 minutes.

Does Jupiter spin faster than any other planet?

Jupiter spins faster than any other planet in our solar system. Rotation rates of exoplanets remain, for the most part, unknown. We may expect there are planets beyond our solar system that spin faster than Jupiter.

Which way does a LEGO RCX spin?

A Lego RCX can spin both ways. You just have to choose which way it spins. There is to commands for spinning, Spin Right, and Spin Left.

Why go to Jupiter?

You can t go to jupiter there is no soild land on it and its a long way a way

Which way do shuriken spin?

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Venus and Uranus spin in what direction of the other planets?

Venus Uranus Pluto all spin backwards (clockwise) Mercury, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune all spin forwards (counter-clockwise)

What is Jupiter rotation period How long it takes to spin around its axis?

About 0.42 Earth days.

Is there deserts at Jupiter?

Jupiter is a gas planet there is no way there can be a desert

What galaxy does Jupiter belong to?

Jupiter is in our galaxy, the Milky Way.