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plain water

Salt lowers the freezing point of water.

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Plain Tap water would freeze fastest.Adding salt or sugar to tap water will cause a depression/decrease in freezing point. Hence it will be harder to freeze the tap salt or sugar water.

Cold water, being the closest to freezing point, will obviously freeze the fastest. Hot water will freeze the second fastest, and salt water barely ever freezes, except in very cold conditions.

Sugar water will freeze faster than salt water.

i did the research on for a science project and sugar water freezes fastest

Yes because salt is a substance that has high salinity and high temperature. Which means, salt will not freeze, unless you give it days or a week. Soda can freeze slower than salt, but not faster than water. Water probably is the fastest thing that freezes.

Fresh water freezes at a higher temperature than Salt water. So Fresh Water doesn't have to lose as much heat in a given amount of time in order to Freeze.

Water will freeze faster than salt water.

The salt is a substance and it a ingredient that will not freeze.

No, when water freeze it does not freeze salt.

Regular water. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, making it harder to freeze. That's why salt is used as a de-icer on icy or snowy roads.

which water will freeze faster? cold water with salt or hot water with salt????

If the salt is still in the water it will freeze inside the water so its technically frozen

The fastest known item on your list to freeze is, by my understanding, water. LexaBookworm

I think that the liquid detergent will freeze the fastest because it has water in it.

Sugar water will freeze faster. Salt lowers the temperature at which water freezes. That is why they put salt on the roads and on sidewalks in snowy areas. Sugar in water should have little to no affect on the rate of freezing.

no salt water does not freeze faster than sugar.

Salt water will freeze faster because salt soaks in heat, making the water colder faster

well water will freeze the fastes because it doesn't have sugar or salt. Pop would probably freeze next because its mostly water and syrup would freeze last since its mostly sugar.

to much salt will affect the time for the salt water to freeze because to much salt would make it not even freeze fast like regular water.

Yes, salt water does indeed freeze. The addition of a solute (salt in this case) to a solvent (water) will always lower the solution's freezing point. This just means it needs to be colder than 32oC to freeze the salt water.

Salt water freezes faster.

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