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check out www.installdr.com it will specify wires for you just select your vehicle make and model. I just used it to install a radio wihtout the wiring harness.

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Can you hook up used direct tv receiver?

As long as the DirecTV receiver does not have a balance and is compatible with your DirecTV antenna you should be able to hook up a used receiver.

Where do you hookup the tachometer to set the idle speed on a 1988 Nissan Sentra?

You will need to hook up your tachometer to the coil connector. After disconnecting the throttle sensor and applying the hand brake, look for the plain black wire at the coil connector to hook it up to.

How can you hook up a CB radio in your home?

Yes u can hook a radio in ur house.

What are the important parts of a telephone?

-- sound receiver (earphone) -- sound transmitter (microphone) -- signaling receiver (ringer) -- signaling transmitter (dial / TT pad) -- M-lead (hook-switch) -- network connectivity (wires / radio / string)

Do you need a receiver to hook up speakers to your tv?

You do not receive a receiver to hook up speakers to your tv. An jack that contains the speaker to your TV is all that you need.

How do you change wiper blades on a 2003 Nissan Sentra?

This task is extremely easy and is a matter of pressing a little tab, rotating the blade a little bit and pulling it out of the hook. The replacement wiper blades will have instructions. Also, see the U-Hook wiper arm attachment video below.

How do you hook up VCR and DVD player to starchoice receiver?

the easiest way to do it would be to go out and get a main receiver to hook all your components into. they can be fairly cheap although as they get better, the price does increase.

How do you reset your computer in your 1998 Nissan Sentra GXE?

Take it to autozone. They have a hand-held scanner they hook up to your computer to read any codes and can reset it to make the light go out. Same thing happened to me and I called them. They'll do it for FREE.

How do you hook up the antenna cable to an aftermarket radio in a 05 Nissan altima?

you must go to wal-mart or any other store and by the adapter wireing kit for that car. Most foreign cars need adapters to hook up to aftermarket stereos.

How do you hook up netgear neotv streaming player to a surround sound?

If your surround receiver has HDMI, connect an HDMI cable from the NeoTV to the receiver, and then HDMI out the receiver to the TV. If you don't have HDMI on your receiver, you can connect an optical cable from the NEOTV to the surround receiver.

What do you call the sound a telephone makes when it is off the hook?

It's called an off hook tone. Or you can call it a receiver off hook tone or r.o.h. tone or a permanent signal.

Can you use your DVR dish receiver with a cable hook-up?

No you cannot. The receiver decodes the signal coming from the satellite that is unique to DISH Network.

What cables are needed to hook my DTV box to speakers?

The familiar red and white RCA jacks are needed to hook your Direct TV receiver up to an audio source.In general you'll need a stereo receiver to hook it up to speakers.You do get superb audio from DTV so it's worth the trouble.

Parts of telephone?


How do you hook up the Epic cube theater system?

The speakers and subwoofer plug into your receiver.

How do you hook up a digital converter to a satellite receiver in order to get local channels you have to pay extra for through direct tv.?

Why would you need to hook up a digital converter to a satellite receiver ? Arn't they already digital ? stevecooper75@comcast.net

What is the button called that the receiver goes on to hang up the phone?

In telephony, the "thing" the receiver is placed upon after hanging up is called the "hook" because on the old wall phones it literally was a hook. If you neglect to hang up a phone, it is said to be "off hook" and this condition can be detected at the central phone switch. Likewise, a phone properly stowed and inactive is said to be "on hook". Even though we no longer stow our phone receivers on a hook, the terms "on hook" and "off hook" are still used in the telephone business.

How do you hook up 2 tv's to 1 receiver?

If you have a solo receiver, you need a splitter to split the signal from the receiver to the 2 TVs. If you have a dual receiver, you need a coax cable coming off the TV 2 port going to the 2nd TV.

How do you hook your ps2 to a dishnetwork receiver?

dishnetwork have no inputs only outpus. use a input on the tv

The five components of a standard telephone?

The transmitter, the receiver, the dial pad, the switch hook, and the ringer.

Where does the vacuum line off front axle hook to on motor on 06 Nissan Titan?

The hook on the vacuum that hooks your face and feeds it the fish

Can I hook up my fender BXR guitar amp to my Yamaha 5240-HTR receiver?

yes you can....you need an adapter and you can get one at bestbuy or radio shack...i hooked up my bass to mine. it is a y-cable tsf to dual rca

What actors and actresses appeared in Radio Hook-Up - 1938?

The cast of Radio Hook-Up - 1938 includes: Douglas Leavitt as Justice of the Peace Dorothy Stone as Bride

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