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In common house wiring, black is the power wire, white is the neutral, and green is the ground wire.

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Q: Which wires go where when putting a power cord on a 120V compressor motor?
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Will splicing a 3 wire 240 volt compressor with a 4 wire 240 volt male end damage compressor motor?

It could if you don't get the terminals and motor wires on the correct terminals.

1989 dodge b150 compressor wiring their are two wires?

Power and ground

How many wires are used to power a conventional dc motor?

three wires

What is a compressor contactor?

it is the switch turns the compressor on and off if you look in your unit follow the power wires from disconnect the should go straight to the contactor

How do you test a power window motor?

Disconnect wires from motor and check to see if you have power and ground going to motor--if so motor is bad if not have to check wiring and switch to that motor

Show how to wire a three phase 480v motor?

Connect the three wires that come out of the motor to the three supply wires that come from the magnetic contactor. Turn the power on and push the start button. If the motor turns the wrong way, shut the power off and change any two wires in the motor junction box.

How many wires is used to power conventional dc motor?


What could be wrong with 1991 Continental when no air will blow and the Fuse and blower motor are good?

There is no power go to the motor. Test the wires to see if there is power to it.

Why would a 2001 Ford Explorer AC blow hot air but full of freon?

Mabe your compressor is not kicking on for some reason. Check to see if the front of your compressor starts spinning when you turn it on. If it don't check to see if there is power to the wires that go to your compressor. If there is power you have a bad compressor. If there is not check the fuses or relays.

Diagram for 83 Oldsmobile 98?

the compressor was working and now it has stopped, the clutch spins free but when i put my tester to the wires that connect to the compressor there is no power and the clutch dose not jump on can you help.

How to determine why the rear wiper does not work in 1996 Laredo?

Use a test light on the wires just before the motor to test for power if no power you can test for power at the switch/// you can test the motor by runing power from the battery.

The window on your 1991 240sx will not go up nor down is it the window switch or the motor I dont hear any noise coming from neither of them.?

early nissans have a window amplifier its located on the driver door, its what the switch plugs in to, it looks like a little box. very common problem is they burn out, you wont have any power to the motor and will probably think the motor is bad. check the motor first by putting power and ground to it, (two wires coming from window motor) it doesn't matter which one gets power cause one way up, switch wires and you get down. check motor first they are built well and usually the amplifier wears out first

What wires cause an air compressor to stop turning on a 1989 Mazda mx6?

I'm Guessing that your talking about the A/C compressor, in which there are 1 or 2 wires going to the clutch. Disconnecting this wire(or 2) will disable the compressor clutch stopping the compressor from working.

Does the three wire live neutral and earth that run from the aircond unit to the compressor carry current?

All of the 3 wires connected to the compressor motor terminals will carry current while it is running. Depending on the method the mfr uses to cycle the compressor (breaking one or both power legs) some of the wires may remain `Hot` while it is off. A wiring diagram specific to the unit in question will answer that. By earth I assume you mean the ground or green wire, that wire is never intentionally powered.

What would cause a table saw motor to reverse itself while running?

if the power wires for the motor happen to be hooked up backwords

How do you disconnect the air condition?

Typically there is a plug into the compressor with two wires. They activate the compressor. Just unplug it.

How do you tell if the window regulator motor or switch is bad?

Use a test light to see if the motor is getting power. If it is then motor is bad. If it is not getting power "jump" the wires on the switch to see if window will operate, is so switch is bad

My swimming pool pump won't start?

Confirm that you have power Confirm that your circuit breakers have not tripped. Test for power at the motor --- you need a meter --- be careful. do not stand in water on the deck at the equipment. If there is power at the back of the motor where the wires attach to the posts then your motor may be bad.

How do I test power feeds to 93 century power windows?

Use a test light 1 side to ground other to wires on motor

How do you replace the driver side power seat motor can you switch with passenger side motor 1992 crown vic?

i found the problem - loose wires in the harness

How do you reverse a 220 motor direction for a air compressor 5 hp?

If this is a single-phase motor, it may or may not be reversable. If it is, there should be a wiring diagram on the motors nameplate. If it just has two wires for power and no other changeable connections, it is probably not reversable. You can also look up the model number on the manufacturers website, you may find info there.

What wires in an electric motor do you switch to reverse it?

If it's a 3 phase AC motor, any two of the three wires feeding the motor.

How do you fit a starter motor to a suzuki sv 650s?

Undo the power wires, remove the cover bolts and pull out.

Why would power windows only work when the door is wide open?

Frayed or shorted wires to the window motor.

Ac-cooling fan not running anyone have any ideas?

You don't specify what type of car, but typically there are only a few possiblities. With the AC on (as long as the AC system is properly charged and working), look to see if the AC compressor is engaging. If so, the fan should also have power going to it. Check the wires attached at the fan motor for power. If there is power, the fan motor is failed. If not, then check the fuses and the relay for proper operation. If the AC compressor is not engaged, the fan may not be asked to turn on by the computer that controls it. Then it is a matter of checking the AC system to find the fault.