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Q: Which woman cries when Montag reads poetry Fahrenheit 451?
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In Fahrenheit 451 which woman cries when Montag reads poetry?

Clara phelps(:

Which woman cries when montag reads poetry?

Mrs. Phelps

What is mildreds reaction when montag reads from the first book?

Mildred is upset. She tells a lie that the firemen all usually bring home a book. Montag reads the Dover poem, and Mrs. Phelps cries.

Why is mrs phelps so upset about the poem montag reads and why do you think she cries?

Mrs. Phelps was moved by the poem.

In Fahrenheit 451 who was Faber?

Faber was an old man Montag met at a park. He was hiding books that he reads

In Fahrenheit 451 how does Mantag change through the novel?

Guy Montag starts off as someone who burns books. He then changes to someone who reads books.

What poem does montag read?

Montag reads a poem called Dover beach.

Which poem does montag read to mildred and friends?

Montag reads the poem Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold to Mildred and her friends. Because Montag reads the poem, it brings Mildred's friends to tears.

Does montag want Faber to teach him the meaning of life?

In "Fahrenheit 451," Montag asks Faber to teach him what the books he reads mean. Faber explains that what is needed is a quality of information that can be defined as a detailed knowledge of life. Faber agrees to help him.

What is the book that montag read?

after beatty's visit he reads Gulliver's Travels

What is the first book that Montag read?

after beatty's visit he reads gulliver's travels

In Fahrenheit 451 what does Montag do to mildred's friends?

He reads a book to them which was a big mistake. but if you dont like my answer then got to sparknotes. Its much easy it tells juts the summary. But yeah he read a poem to them and one of them started to cry.

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