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i came across the answer for this problem, unfortunetly, by trying to remove my Delco radio from my own '95 Geo Metro LSi hatchback (another problem...ugh); the fuse type is correct, the little brown plastic covered one that's 70A located in the fuse box 2nd awat from the battery, but i haven't been able to find one that will fit properly like the factory fuse did. i haven't tried going to the Chevorlet dealership yet in my search, so you may have luck there in finding a replacement (i hope i will!)

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Will a fiesta car battery work in a metro?

Yes, as long as you hook the polarity right

What causes a transmission to stop working after changing a battery in a 2000 Ford Wind star?

The transmission connector is right below the battery it could have been knocked loose.

When does metro 2033 get translated in English?

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When changing a battery on 2003 Honda Civic why won't battery cables reach?

may be you have the wrong battery, may be the battery is good with size, and amps, but some models have the connection on the inverse side where you need, then you must to look fot other battery with same size and amp. but with the connection on your right side, I hope this can help you

What will happen after you make an Electric Circuit?

If you connect the circuit properly the bulb should light up. That means attaching the left side of the battery to the right side of the bulb using a wire and attaching the right side of the battery to the left side of the bulb. If you do that the your bulb should turn on. If it doesn't then try changing the battery or the bulb.

Where is the blower motor resistor in a 2001 Mazda 626?

Behind the glove compartment to the right. I'd disconnect the battery before changing it just to be safe.

Where is a minus in the battery?

answer is in the right side of battery

How are satellites energised?

They have solar panels that turn sunlight into electrical energy, which it stores in a battery, but some of it is used right after changing the light into electrical energy in order to maintain the satellite.

Why does the battery light stay on after changing the alternator on a Lincoln Navigator?

check the alternator fuse on the main cable that goes from the alternator to the battery. sometimes the alternator shorts out this fuse. it's usually mounted on the right side of the firewall in a plastic cover over .

Where is fuse box on 96 metro?

It is under the hood on the driverside right behind the battery...there are 2 fuse panel boxes there for the geo metros. There is also a 3rd fuse panel located under the dash on the driverside.

How do you use changing in a sentence?

I am changing my clothes in the car right now.

Where is the battery on 1982 Harley Davidson?

It varies from model to model, for example on the Super Glide it's under the saddle on the right side while on the Tour Glide it's under the front of the right saddlebag. If in doubt, simply follow the positive cable from the starter motor. It will lead right to the battery.

You have replaced the fuel pump in your 1998 Isuzu Amigo your fuel gauge does not read right how do you reset the ECU?

Did you disconnect the battery for a while?

Which movie is the biggest blockbuster ever?

It's always changing. Right now, I think it's 'The Dark Knight'. It was 'Spiderman 2' for a while.

Changing the battery on a 2006 BMW 330i?

The battery is located on the right side of the vehicle in the trunk. To view it, remove the right side panel where the factory tools are kept. Simply turn the black knob and pop out the plastic insert. Once you have exposed the battery, you will need a screwdriver and socket wrench to remove the arm bar and the battery terminals. Remove the negative terminal first. If you have navigation, your best bet is to have a certified tech do it for you. The computer has to be reprogramed after installation. After serious consideration, I decided not to replace the battery myself.

When you're riding a metro bus which way is going southbound?

If you are facing forward, and the sun is setting on your right, then your metro bus is headed southbound.

How do you change the battery in your 2003 Corvette z06?

Changing the battery luckily is one of the easiest things to do on the Corvette! It also is something you should really try to check often also. This is so that there is no chance of battery acid dripping down to the main computers that are right under the battery. Feel free to go on over to for even more help! Good luck!

Is Metro Station breaking up?

no. they are on tour right now actually

Can you put my goldfish back into the tank right after changing the water?

You can, but you should probably make sure you have it at the right temperature for them. I'd say just get it back to the temperature...(Could take a while) them put them in.

How do you remove a battery on a 2001 silhouette?

I have a olds silhouette. The battery is located on the right side of the engine( that is from the right side if you are sitting in the driver set) the battery is under thefuse box.

How do you change the battery on a 1991 Chevy Corvette?

If its anything like my 1985, the fender right behind the front left wheel comes off. There are 4 bolts in the wheel well, and one retaining bolt between the fender and the rocker. From there its just like changing a normal battery.

Where's the battery on 1994 xj6?

the battery for your jag is in the trunk right side

What is the jacket for around a car battery?

To keep ur battery at the right temp..

Where is the ALDL on 94 Geo Metro?

socket mounted on the bottom of the dash, right above the driver's right knee.

Where is the oil dipstick located on a 1990 Geo Metro?

in my '95 Geo Metro LSi hatchback, it's the red O-shaped piece just a few inches to the left of my battery (located on the far right under the hood); the yellow one that's identical in every way, is, i believe, the transmission fluid/oil dipstick. hope this helps!

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