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It states on the bottle that drinking Alcoholic Beverages is not recommended. It will affect the way the medication works.


You can drink on the medicine but extreme caution must be taken. Tolerance to alcohol greatly decrease while on Strattera. Unless drinking responsibly and in moderation, it is advised not to drink while on Strattera.

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Q: While having Strattera in your system can you drink alcohol?
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Can you consume alcohol while on penicillin?

Its not recommended to drink alcohol while having penicillin

Can you take dextromethorphan while on Strattera?

Yes you can but the Strattera inhibits the conversion from DXM to DXO

Can you take Tylenol while taking Strattera?

Yes; Strattera has no known interactions with Tylenol (paracetamol).

Can you drink alcohol while having bell's palsy?


Is it okay to drink beer while pregnant?

No... Beer is alcohol, and if you drink any type of alcohol while pregnant, you run the risk of your newborn having FAS.

How long do you wait to drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?

Alcohol may influence the absorption of anti-biotics in the system. I would wait about 3 hours before consuming alcohol. This is an urban myth,there is no evidence whatsoever of alcohol having any impact on anti biotics.

Can you receive a ticket for having an open container of alcohol in your trunk in California?

Yes, you can get a ticket for having an open container of alcohol in you car while driving the state of California. You can get a ticket because it is illegal to have unsealed alcohol in your car.

Alcohol and breast feeding?

When you drink alcohol it will be in your system after 2 hours and baby can get it while breastfeeding. Baby will have fetal alcohol disease syndrome.

Can you take Lortab while taking Strattera?

I would consult your psychiatrist.

Are nightmares and sleepingwalking a side effect of Strattera in children?

I nave had frequent nightmares while taking strattera... However, I haven't been sleepwalking.... But then again... Maybe I have....

Has anyone tried a combination of Strattera with a low dose stimulant such as Metadate CD for a child?

Strattera and Concerta for two and a half years, and has worked well after finding the right combination of doses.( Strattera takes about 3 days to build up in our system, while Concerta takes less than an hour) No serious side effects, got better about having no appetite after awhile. Also good liver enzymes (must have blood work done to see how your liver is). Extremely expensive, though. (he's nine,now)

Should you drink alcohol while having a tb infection?

You should abstain from alcohol while treating tb or any other kind of infection. Because infections are cured with antibiotics and you can't drink while taking antibiotics.

Can you drink alcohol while taking antibiotics for a tooth infection?

No, it will cancel out the effect the antibiotic is having.

Is it dangerous to drink alcohol while having withdrawal from Paxil?

It is dangerous to drink alcohol whilst withdrawing from any drug, you would be flirting with dependance.

Can Strattera cause memory loss?

Yes, My son have severe Memory loss while taking Strattera. He also couldn't desern the difference between reality and his dreams!

Best medicine for some with adhd and a fast metabolism and Strattera does not work?

I know focalin would not work because it has to stay in your system for a little while to see the good effects (side effects are usually present immediately). I have high metabolism and adderall IR and strattera didn't work for me either.

In most states driving while intoxicated is defined as having a blood alcohol concentration of?

.8 percent

How long does cocaine stay in your system if you drank alcohol while sniffing it?

It will remain effective and you will stay high for a few hours, but the alcohol will not effect how long it is in your system it will be completely out in 2 or 3 days.

Can Adderall be prescribed together with Strattera?

I have been reading around and read that some people take a small dose of adderall while on Strattera, but this is definitely something you need to ask a doctor.

What are the side effect on Strattera?

I have been on strattera for a while and the only side effects I have experienced are minor nausea and a few headaches. I previously tried concerta and methalyn and those had a lot more side effects- which is why i changed to nonstimulant. I am happy with strattera and it's minor side effects.

How does alcohol effect the nervous system?

Alcohol: While you drink alcohol your blood stream absorbs the alcohol and the nervous system functions slow down dramatically, this is a 'buzz' or numbness people often have after drinking.

Can you drink alcohol while having radioactive iodine treatment?

You can drink alcohol AFTER the treatment.Avoid drinking 1 week before and 1 week after the treatment just to be sure that your body is absorbing the nuclear medicine and not the alcohol.

Do mood changes caused by Strattera diminish or disappear over time?

: You should not be experiencing these sorts of effects while taking Strattera. This is what is mentioned on the Black Box Warning for Strattera, including other changes in behavior such as irratibility and suicidal thoughts especially in children. But either way it is clear that you need to contact your doctor and you should dicontinue use of Strattera.

What are some of the effects that alcohol has on a person that is driving while intoxicated?

alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows the nervous system, this can cause drowsiness and slower reaction times

Is Wellbutrin and Strattera the same?

They aren't the same, but they work well together. Strattera works to slow your mind while Wellbutrin keeps any anxieties down so you can focus and keep your life straight.