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i have the same problem with the vehicle that i work on, the most possible answer for your problem is the fuel pump. cause when you step on the gas and the vehicle does not move and all you hear is a clocking noise is a 90% chanse that is the fuel filter or pump, do this get a fuel pressure gauge and if the pressure is below the speck of your vehicle them you know that the fuel filter is clogged [thats if the vevicle fuel filter is no intigrated inside the tank], then you know is the pump..... === I am expeirencing the same problem with the 1990 fleetwood that has a 4.5L v-8. i am testing the injectors. fuel pressure was at normal 35-40 psi. will update when problem is determined. fuel pump is next to be tested.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-26 22:31:32
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Q: While im driving normal the fleetwood runs fine but then you punch it and it does nothing you hear noise coming from the pipes but i have new cats new muffler major tune up done to it in December 05?
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