While playing Texas Hold-em what if a card is flipped over before a bet is placed?

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2008-05-20 03:35:58

It is based on when it is exposed.

# As soon as a card is exposed it is announced to all the

players and the exposed card will be used as the first burn


# If either of the first two cards dealt are exposed due to

dealer error the cards are retrieved, the decks changed, and


# If a single card is exposed, anywhere but the "dealer button"

position, on the initial deal, the dealer keeps going. Once two

cards are dealt to all the players, the exposed card is retrieved

and replaced with the top card of the deck. The exposed card is

then placed in the muck.

# If either of the "dealer button" position cards are exposed

the dealer keeps going, after all the players have received two

cards, the exposed card is retrieved, the deck is placed face down

on the table, the deck is cut in at least 9 cards, the "dealer

button" position gets the next card. The exposed card goes into the


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