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White circle with dot on tongue?


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swollen taste bud most likely will go away soon


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Circle Circle Dot Dot was created in 2006.

in a circle, yin is white with a black dot, and the other half of the circle is yang. yang is black with a white dot. by: Melissa C

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This represents the Yin/Yang symbol, especially when one half of the circle is shaded black and the other half is white (with the white half half having a black dot in it, and the black half having a white dot. Superman gone gay? LOL

Probably not. Herpes doesn't often occur on the inside of the mouth. The white dot could be an infected taste bud or some other bacterial infection. You can always have a doctor check it out to be sure.

On a map, a star or dot in a circle traditionally indicates the capital of a country or state.

If your tongue is white, then you are dehydrated.

the black dot is the pupil, the colored circle around the black dot is the iris...

it has a small dot on its tongue :-)

NO the flu does NOT make your tongue white

You basically stick your tongue in that person's mouth and twirl it in circle.

It's two tear drop shapes in a circle. the one on the left is white, right side up, with a black dot at the bottom. The one on the right is an upside down tear drop, its black and it had a white dot at the top.

Why does a dog have white stripes on tongue? Is this nomal?

I don't have a white ring under my tongue.

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This is the Marlin "Bullseye" trademark has been used since 1922.

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