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White flower with name?


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There are many white flowers, but one for example is the Trillium, a beautiful flower that is the flower of Ontario (Canada).


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It really depends on what type of flower it is

mp's state flower name is white lily

Jasminum Officinale is the scientific name of the common white Jasmine flower.

Maine's Official State Flower is:White pine cone and tasselWhite pine cone

It means a beautiful white flower

The national flower of Iceland is the white dryas(scientific name Dryas octopetala).

gulnar is the hindi name of carnation flower it has many colours like red white purple violet .

hamish means a beautiful white dove flying in the breez or a white flower

its called a flower It is possible it is a lilac, lilac is the name of the shrub but they come in colours of lilac ,purple, red, blue and white.

The flower name is spelled edelweiss (ay-dul-vice) meaning "noble white."

May and a pink and white type of flower in Japan

The White and Lavender Rocky Mountain Columbine

There are many white flowers. Rose, tulip, Lenten rose, daffodil, lily can be white. A violet can be white.

There are white daylilies. They only last one day.


The Butterfly jasmine [Hedychium CoronariumJ.König or J. Koenig] is Cuba's national flower. Another common name is 'white ginger'. Its Spanish name is 'Mariposa blanca', which means 'white butterfly'.

The White Widow cannabis flower is known for its abundance of white trichomes. Flower clusters are large, heavy, and very solid. Throughout flowering buds become more and more thickly coated with the masses of clear resin glands that inspired the White Widow's name.

There's a more complicated name for it, but it is a white lily

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