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While an engine is cold, water vapor condenses and comes out the exhaust pipe as white vapor on a cold day. After the engine warms up, the exhaust pipe is hotter allowing the exhaust gasses to be hotter as they come out the tailpipe. When that occurs, the water vapor dissipates long before it can condense. Don't worry about it if it's just white vapor that goes away after the engine warms up. It's a normal product of the combustion of gasoline. On the other hand, if the smoke is grey and smells like oil, it can be an indicator of a problem. The oil smoke smell is in all probability the valve stem seals or the oil drain ports in the heads are stopping up.

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Q: White smoke comes out during idle after gas peddle is pushed quickly and car goes back to idle does not smell like burnt oil just rich smell will stop after a few min is engine loading up?
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