Who'd win a fight elephant or bear?

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An elephant would most likely win because of its superior size and it can also trample the bear to death. An elephant, especially a cow elephant with a young to protect, could even kill a huge pack of lions.
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Would a bear or a shark win in a fight?

Assuming a bear and a shark of the same weight and maturity level,I would go with the shark. The shark would drag the bear into thewater a drown him. The shark would also have tasty bear soupafterwords. :-)

Would a panther or bear win in a fight?

A bear will win for sure when the bear weighs from 475-1500 pounds depending on the species, and is very large compared to a panther. One swipe with its paws from the bear will immediately knock down a panther fatally. If the panther attempted to bite the bear, the bear will fight back and most like ( Full Answer )

Who'd win a fight Siberian tiger or polar bear?

It's a POLAR BEAR, the largest bear (alongside the omnivorous Alaskan brown bear the 'Kodiak bear'') and the largest land predator on earth. It can weight up to 1500 pounds, it has a bone crushing bite force (42 teeth closing down with a force over 440 psi), and takes down walruses. It's thick blubb ( Full Answer )

Who'd win the fight saltwater crocodile or alligator?

It is hard to say who would win a fight between these two animals.In general, saltwater crocodiles are larger but alligators arefaster. In a fight judged purely on bite force, the crocodile wouldwin.

Who would win a fight a bear or a bull?

The bear has better defense and strength than the bull. In a fight like this, the bull is a better fighter, but the bear is heavier in weight and much more bulky. Although the bull is a little bit faster than the bear, the bear tends to be more involved with killing. Also, bears are strong carnivore ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight between an elephant and a polar bear?

It is highly likely that the elephant would win the fight. Elephants have thick, defensive hide and tons of muscles to protect itself from claws and teeth, which would make it not get injured by the polar bear. The strong muscles of the elephant's head is good enough to kill the polar bear whenever ( Full Answer )

Who'd win a fight elephant or polar bear?

The elephant would most likely win. A polar bear would think for a long time before messing around with an elephant, no matter cow elephant or a bull elephant.

Who would win in a fight A cheetah or an elephant?

Cheetahs are way too smart to get in a fight with an elephant. But it has been proven that a bunch of big cats can take down an elephant. But, the question clearly said a (as in one) cheetah. In reality, the cheetah would get squished!

Who'd win a fight polar bear vs Kodiak bear?

Kodiak Bears are the largest subspecies of Brown Bears and are found only on the on Kodiak Island off the Southern coast of Alaska. These Bears grow so much bigger than other Brown Bears and Grizzlies because they are able to feed on washed up whale carcasses as well as an abundance of Pacific Salmo ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight a liger or a bear?

Cats are better fighters than bears, and a liger is HUGE, so a brown bear would most likely lose to a liger.. who would win in a fight a liger or a brown bear i think the brown bear cuz he is alot stronger and has sharp claws/teeth and a big skull and has big bones and strong mucles.. A liger woul ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight anaconda or bear?

Well lets say a Grizzly Bear against a giant green anaconda then it would go to the bear as long as the bear could see it. Same with the Black Bear. A sun bear,Panda Bear,Or spectacled bear would loose no doubt and the polar bear would kill the anaconda in seconds. In the water a large enough anacon ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight bear or a wolf?

A bear has sharp claws that could kill the wolf in single swipe. A bear is much heavier, larger, stronger, and aggressive than a wolf, but also more weapons.

Who'd win in a fight a penguin or a monkey?

well the penguin hasn't got much fighting prowess, basically just a beak, however the monkey has everything from a head to some feet so all in all i think it would be a draw.

In a fight would an elephant with tusks or a grizzly bear win?

A elephant would kill the grizzly bear because it can stab the grizzly bear with those tusks. . that may be true but also the grizzly bear is more aggressive and if the elephant gets scared all it can do is charge forward or run away .

Who would win a fight tiger or bear?

That really depends on the sex, age, species and health of either species. It should be noted that WCS/WWF scientists have disregarded as unreliable a lot of the historical data weights on wild Amur tiger that put in the 300 + kg range. Recent WCS data show weights for male Amur tigers under 50 ( Full Answer )

Who'd win in a fight bob the builder or handy manny?

It could be considered a tie because: Manny: could slash the tires of bob's machine vehicle things and so they can't move. then he can get his hammer and beat up bob's machine vechicle things. Then he can get all his tools and hurt bob. Bob: could get his machine vehicle thing and run over mann ( Full Answer )

Who'd win in a fight uncle sam or Captain America?

Some people don't realize that this question is talking about the DC super hero "Uncle Sam". Uncle same has invulnerability, super strength (able to lift an excess of 100 tons), among others. Plus his powers increase when there is more patriotism around him or in America at one time. So in a way, Ca ( Full Answer )

Tiger or polar bear win in a fight?

It's a POLAR BEAR, the biggest land predator on earth. It can weight up to 2300 pounds, it has a bone crushing bite, and takes down walruses. It's thick blubber would protect it from most major damage, and the fact that it's paws are gigantic, means it could destroy the tiger within a minute maybe. ( Full Answer )

Who will win in a fight between a bull and an elephant?

An elephant charge is much more dangerous and stronger than a bull, while a bull has sharp horns and a body weight that can also injure the elephant. Elephants are stronger, larger, and heavier than a bull. Most likely, an elephant will win.

Who will win in a fight between Hulk and Elephant?

Elephant is taller and thicker than Rhino. Elephant has two sharp irremovable tusks, and has indestructible big ears, and has thicker arms than Rhino. But Elephant has no match for the meaner Hulk.

Which would win a fight a polar bear or an elephant?

The elephant would win. It has much larger muscles and thick skin to protect itself from the polar bear's claws and teeth. It also has a huge, powerful trunk that it can knock the polar bear out with or slam the polar bear to death.

Who would win a fight an elephant or a moose?

The elephant because it is strong enough to kill a rhinoceros or a hippo. Even though the moose has antlers and hooves, the elephant has the deep muscles and a size advantage over the moose. An elephant would crush it easily by stomping that the moose to death like it did to anything else.

Who would win in a fight an elephant bison?

elephant. In about two seconds. It would stomp on the bison, impale it with its tusks, pick it up and throw it with its trunk, etc. In fact, the only way the bison would win would be if the elephant got confused and couldn't decide which of its killing methods to use.

Who would win a fight an elephant or rhino?

This was actually an existing problem in real life. According to anarticle in The Seattle Times , in 1994, at the PilanesbergGame Reserve, zoologists observed raging young bulls in musth (the elephant version of the rut, or mating season),with no older males to keep them in line, turn their aggres ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight a wolf or a bear?

Wolves are, for the most part, pack hunters, and do not excel atfighting a target on their own. A fully grown bear, however slowerit may be, would be adept at crushing a wolf when it inevitablypounces inward.