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His real father left him when he was an ifiant , that's why Lil Wayne would rather be chosen to be called Wayne instead of Dwayne, as he was named Dwayne after his dad but he now tells everyone to call him Wayne because he doesn't want to be named after his father as he was not in Lil Wayne's life.

However his Stepfather Rabbit died in 1996 by getting shot 7 times, that is who Lil Wayne saw as his father figure instead of his biological father.

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Q: Who's Lil Wayne's biological father?
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What is Lil Waynes biological father?

he was involved in an abusive relationship with his biological father Dwayne Michael Turner

Whos Lil Waynes dad?

Dwayne Michael Carter Sr.

Who is Lil Waynes father?


Is Lil Waynes father dead?

Yes!. Lil Waynes father is deceased....He died when Wayne was 17!. his name is zahir caldwel

What happen to lil Waynes father?

Lil Waynes father was shot when he was about 12 or 13. I think.. haha i heard it from somewhere... :) -Kansas #11

How old is Lil Waynes father?

Lil Wayne's real father was shot and killed.

Did Lil Waynes father die?

Yes sadly :(

Is bird man lil waynes real father?

no he is not.

Is birdman Lil Waynes real father?

no, he is adopted

Who is Lil Wayne's influences?

lil waynes influence is his daughter she adores her father

Who is the father of lil Wayne?

a guy named Dwayne. he was not in lil waynes life.

Who Is Lil' Wayne's birth father?

Lil Waynes birth father is Dwayne Micheal Carter Sr.

Who is Lil Waynes real father?

Dwayne Michael Keller

Who was Lil Waynes real father?

Dwayne Michael Keller

Who now become the father of Lil Wayne after the death of his biological father?

A Guy They Call Rabbit Who Also Died, /: So Now Birdman Fills The Fatherlike Role In Waynes Life. (:

Is birdman Lil Waynes daddy?

No, lil waynes real dad abandonned his mom when he found out she was pregnant, Birdman came into lil waynes life at around age 6/7 and they consider each other as father and son.

Who inspired Lil Wayne?

lil waynes' voice was inspired by prince. but probably his step father rabbit.

Why did Lil Wayne get adopted?

because lil waynes father died at age 14. so birdman adopted him.

What year did lil waynes' real dad die?

Lil wayne was 15 when his real father died and it is NOT birdman!

Who is lil Waynes brother?

lil waynes brother that's easy its lil chucky and lil twist Lil Wayne has a younger half-brother (same mother, different father) called Semaj. He is a few years younger than Wayne's daughter, Reginae Carter.

Who is Lil Waynes real dad?

lil waynes real dad is birdman the rapper

What is Lil Waynes favorite song?

lil waynes favorite song is bed rock

Is lil Wayne tupac's son?

No Bird Man nor Tupac is Lil Waynes father he calls him daddy because bird man was like a father to him

Who is rabbit 2 Lil Wayne?

Rabbit is lil Wayne's biological father.

Is Bow Wow Lil Waynes brother?

Yes Bow Wow and LIL waynes are brothers