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The applicant for insurance is responsible for providing accurate answers to material questions on the application. Materiality relates to facts based upon which the insurer decides whether to issue the policy, on what terms (such as if there any exclusions or limitations), and at what premium.

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Your neighbors washer leaked and ruined your condo you have no insurance?

It should go on your neighbors insurance, he's the one whos responsible for the damage.

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whos is responsible for the creation of the ipod

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If somebody drive your car with out licence and is illegal in this country and hit a person whos responsible?

The person who is responsible is the person who was driving. That person has broken the immigration laws and the traffic laws. You must also think of the person who was hit, your friend will have no insurance to help the person who they injured. You also have broken the law, If you know someone is breaking the law (e.g. an illegal immigrant) then you should report this. If you allowed this person to drive your car and knew they had no license or insurance then you are also an accessory to the crime.

If you are married and your husband is fixed and you get pregnant from a man who does not know you are married whos responsible for the baby?

ULtimately, YOU are, although the "biological" father is also responsible if you can confirm paternity and wish to pursue in a court of law.

What are the duties of Assistant sales marketing officer?

It its a person whos job to promote and to market the product and it its responsible to serve and entertain the customers

Who is liable in a chain reaction car accident?

i was rear ended in a 3 car pile up on the highway, whos insurance is liable for my car repairs

The Whos of Whoville?

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Car stolen in parking garage whos at fault?

The person who stole the car is at fault. If you are trying to place blame on the parking garage, I suggest you read their parking agreement. I would bet they state clearly they are not responsible for stolen vehicles. If they do not, you may have a case. But you would have to prove they did not use reasonable care in protecting your vehicle. Do you not have insurance?

Who has to leave the house when a legal separation is taking place and who is responsible for paying the mortgage?

You can be separated and still live in the same house. No one has to move.The mortgage payment is made by the person whos name is on the mortgage. If it is in both names you are both responsible.

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A contractor and his subcontractor are working the same job and the sub damages the contractors equipment whos insurance pays?

The contractor should make a claim upon the sub-contractors insurance and/or bond. If the sub-contractor defrauded the contractor on having insurance and/or bonding in place then he should report the contractor to the State licensing board, file claim on their insurance, and civil lawsuit (if the insurance company does not directly file or pay).

Your car was totaled in a cardeer accident the insurance was in a friends name and a check was mailed by the insurance whos check is it mine or his?

Legally, its the friends because the insurance was in the friends name. Insurance checks are meant to be used on repairs to the vehicle or toward the purchase of a new vehicle. So you could try to force the friend to use the check toward the vehicle by taking them to court. Or you can start paying for your own insurance and not have to worry about the loyalty of your friends.

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Who pays when police report does not assign blame?

the police will never assign a blame in case of an accident. they simply write down the two involved persons staements. Only then are the police reports sent to the insurance companies battle out the whos guilty and whos not based on the statements recorded. The police is there simply to record the event hope that answers your quesion

If your the co signer and you drive the vehicle does the person whos name who is actually on the title have to have car insurance on that same vechicle or can the co signer just have it. In Indiana?

Generally, the person whose name is 'actually on the title' must be the same person who insures the car. You must disclose to the insurance company if you are not the owner of the car. You should call the insurance company and ask your question.

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