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Q: Who are the characters in the story of WHos Rajahs son?
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Who was the rajahs son story?

Prince alon

Who are the characters in the story Who was the Rajah's son?

Prince Alon is the main character....

Who are the characters of the story of Footnote to Youth?

dodong ,teang and thier son

Whos son is Richard Kennedy?

whose son is richard kennedy

Who are the characters of the story the lady Chang?

lady chang her husband and their son Ko

How is Firestar related to Bluestar and Greystripe in warriors?

greystripe's mate is silverstream,whos father is croockedstar,whos brother is oakheart,whos mate is bluestar,whos sister is snowfur,whos son is whitestorm,whos daughter is sorreltail,whos mate is brackenfur,whos sister is cinderpelt,whos sister is brightheart,whos mate is cloudtail,whos uncle is firestar

Besides bush's son whos son became president?

John Quincy Adams

Who was the Romeo in Romeo and Juliet story?

Romeo was Juliet's lover. As well as being one of the main Characters in the story. Son of Old Montague .

Who was tembu in the story Tiger in the tunnel?

The Tiger in the Tunnel is written by Ruskin Bond. Tembu is the son of Baldeo, who is one of the main characters in the story.

Who are the main characters in the monkey's paw the short story?

Mr. White, Mrs. White and their son Herbert

Who are the characters in the short stiry war by luigi pirandello?

There are three main characters in the story War by Luigi Pirandello. These characters are the husband and wife who have a son that is fighting in the war, and the fat man that gets on the train and tells them to encourage their son to fight for his country.

Was the president whos son later became president?

George Bush

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