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Q: Who is Geronimo stilton's mother?
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When is Geronimo stiltons birthday?

1000 BC

What is Geronimo stiltons email?

What is Geronimo stiltons favorite sport?


Who is Geronimo stiltons sister?

Her name is Thea.

What is Geronimo Stiltons email address?

What is Geronimo stiltons name of his school?

I think it the same school as Benjamin Stilton

What is Geronimo stiltons real name?

Elisabetta Dami is the real author of the Geronimo Stilton books but some of the books use the Geronimo Stilton name as the author. She is the daughter of the publisher of the books.

Who is Geronimo stiltons' favorite character?

Benjamin Stilton Benjamin Stilton Benjamin Stilton

Who is Thea Stilton?

Thea is Geronimo Stiltons sister and works as a special correspondent for the Rodents Gazette where Geronimo works.She also goes to Whale Island to go to a famous school that is on Whale Island witch is called Mouseford Acdemy

What is Geronimo Stiltons job in the books?

if u want to know please send us an email. we'll answer anything and everything^^

Who is Geronimo Stiltons crush?

actually geronimo has many crushes. Like the shadow thief or the girl in the coffee book and the dracula girl. etc P.S I just want to ask you a simple question doc. Why are you asking an 11 year old innocent child this ? And it seems funny to me that you like animated mice. COME ON MAN GET A BETTER LIFE

How many children did Geronimo have?

Geronimo had three children. Geronimo returned home one day to find that the Mexicans had killed his mother, wife and all three children.

What is the name of Geronimo's mother?

gensan llorico

What actors and actresses appeared in Geronimo Jones - 1970?

The cast of Geronimo Jones - 1970 includes: Adele Bustamante as Mother Gil Escandon as Cousin Chief Geronimo Kuth Le as Grandfather Martin Soto as Geronimo Jones Mel Todd as Storekeeper

Who Geronimo Stilton's parents?

Geronimo's mother is Elisabetta Dami, because she invented the character. His father was Piero Dami, who first published the character in Italian.

Who killed Geronimos wife mother and children?

The US Army had killed Geronimo's family including his mother (No offense).

What is thea stiltons age?

28 years old

What first story was printed by a printing press?

Geronimos Stiltons Tea Party

Who first shouted Geronimo Geronimo Geronimo?


Is Geronimo single?

No, Geronimo is not single.

What language is Geronimo?

In actuality, Geronimo is Spanish and an incident between the Mexicans and the Apache on St. Geronimo's day. Geronimo spoke an Apache dialect.

When did Geronimo stilton died?

How did geronimo stilton died

Where can you get a summary on Thea Stilton and the mountain of fire?

what happened in thea stiltons book the montain of fire

What is the 36th Geronimo Stilton book?

The 36th book in Geronimo Stilton is Geronimo's Valentine.

Why is Geronimo stilton a mouse?

Geronimo Stilton is a mouse because that is what the author; Elisabetta Dami wanted Geronimo to be.