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He dnt got 1 he doesn't like twilightJustin biebers twilight character is Alice and Bella.

My favorite characters are Edward and bella. They have the most romantic relationship. I wish my boyfriend was like Edward!!! My favorite character is Alice !!

I love Jacob and Edward and Bella, but mostly Jacob.

There is no such character as Ebany Cullen in Twilight.

Robert Pattinson's favorite twilight book is "New Moon."

No, Twilight is actually my least favorite book in the series. my favorite is Breaking Dawn, then New Moon, then Eclipse, and then Twilight.

In the first book of the twilight series "Twilight" there is no character named "Tommy". I have not read all the books, but in the first, there is no Tommy.

My favorite character in the giver is jonas

There is no character with the name in 'Hamania' in Harry Potter or Twilight. If you mean Hermione Granger, then no she is not a character in Twilight and if you are reffering to the actress who played Hermione, Emma Watson, then no she is not in Twilight.

That is not a character in Twilight at all; whoever told you that is an idiot.

The character in the Twilight series is RosalieHale.

He says New Moon was his favorite book, because he as able to flesh out his character more from that one.

Jacob Black is just a character in The Twilight Saga. He, or any of the other characters, do not know that it is a book, but it is. That is why it is a book.

my favorite character is princess peach .............

who is rayray favorite character

No there is noone gay in twilight if so that would be hilarious!!

Yes, Esme Cullen is a character in Twilight.

Edwards favorite car is actually the Austin Martin Vanquish... Just because he owns the Volvo does not mean it makes it his favorite

his favorite book to read is Twilight

Emily Browning isn't in the Twilight movie.

AS Twilight is fictional it is whatever the author decides the character to be.

her favorite cartoon character is kim possible.

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