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Vince McMahon is credited for creating the Attitude Era.

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Who created the WWE Championship?

I, Vince Mcmahon, did.

When did Vince McMahon create WWE?

The current Vince, we all know, Vince Kennedy McMahon's father Vincent James McMahon created the company in 1952.

Is vince McMahon hurt?

no vince mcmahon is not hurt

Who Is Vince McMahon?

Vince McMahon is the chairman of the WWE.

Is vince McMahon dead?

No, Vince McMahon is not dead.

Is vince mcmahon a satanist?

No, Vince McMahon is not a Satanist.

Is Stephanie McMahon the daughter of Vince McMahon?

Yes she is the daughter of Vince and Linda McMahon.

Has Vince McMahon had affairs?

did vince mcmahon had love affiars

What year did Vince McMahon buy ECW?

he didn't they created it

Who created world wrestling entertanment?

It was Vince McMahon who was created the World Wrestling Entertainment. Then he passed it to his son, Vince Mchahon

When was Vince Russo born?

Vince Russo was born on January 24, 1961.

When was Vince McMahon born?

Vince McMahon was born on August 24, 1945.

Where did the WWE Attitude Era begin?

Most people consider it to have started with the Stone Cold/Vince McMahon feud.

How many children does Vince McMahon have?

Vince Mcmahon has 2 kids Shane Brandon Mcmahon and his daughtor Stephanie Marie McMahon - Levesque

Is vince McMahon a free mason?

No, Vince McMahon is not a Freemason as of 1/1/2010.

From where did mr mc man get the money to start WWE?

vince McMahon didn't start the wwe. his father vince McMahon sr passed down the wwe to vince. and when vince McMahon passes, it will either go to Shane or Stephanie McMahon.

Vince McMahon sold raw for?

Vince McMahon Sold Rae For 3 Billion Dollors.

What is the birth name of Vince McMahon?

Vince McMahon's birth name is Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Why did wcw closed?

Because Time Warner who owned WCW let Hogan and Bischoff do what ever they wanted. Vince Russo became the head writer, then they became so weak that Vince McMahon bought them

How old is Vince Russo?

Vince Russo is 50 years old (birthdate: January 24, 1961).

Did vince McMahon get divorced?

No vince and linda are stillmarried

Who was the first pro wrestler in WWE?

vince McMahon sr. vince McMahon sr.'s grandpa

How old is Vince McMahon?

Vince McMahon is 72 years old (birthdate: August 24, 1945).

Where has Vince McMahon been?

he was at the world of stupet cause vince McMahon is stupet ha ha ha

Who is the creator of WWE?

the creater is vince McMahon Sr. His son (vince McMahon jr.) is the current chairman and ceo of the company and he made wwe so big. But the creater is vince McMahon Sr.

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