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Who Found New Jersey and why?

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well idont know

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How was New Jersey Found?

New Jersey was found in 1664 by the english colonists.

Who found New Jersey?

Lord Berely and Sir George Carteret found 'New Jersey'.

Were there any fossils found in New Jersey?

There was a goblin shark tooth fossil found in New Jersey

What is one example of an ecosystem that can be found in New Jersey?

the new jersey meadowlands

Was New Jersey the 46th state found?

New Jersey was one of the 13 colonies. States were created and not "found."

What are the bays found on the coast of New Jersey?

what are the bays found on the ciast of new jersey idk but i really need to kno

Who found New Jersey first?

New Jersey was founded by Henry Hudson in 1638.

Quakers found what in new Jersey?

They had found a Tamanend.

When was New Jersey found?

no it was 1787

When did they found New Jersey?


Who found the colony of New Jersey?


What happenend when New Jersey colony was found?

The trade Route began in the New Jersey Colony

Where was breccia found?

It can be found in New Jersey and Arizona and California

Why was New Jersey formed in colonial time?

New Jersey was formed in colonial times because back then new jersey was once a colony and they never found out the real name for new jersey so they left it named new jersey.

When was new jersey founded and who found it?

1996, and me

What religions were found in colonial New Jersey?

The Puritans and Presbyterians were in East Jersey and the Quakers were in West Jersey.

What did people wear in colonial New Jersey?

People in colonial New Jersey wore what the women had found and after they made it.

Why did duke of york found New York?

new york new jersey

What are the landforms found in new york or new jersey?

The Statue Of Liberty

When was the colony new jersey founded?

it was found in 1664

What ethnic groups were found in New Jersey?


When was New Jersey founded and the date?

it was found in august11,1956

What nature resources are found in New Jersey?


Where could dairy be found in New Jersey?

Dairy can be found at many places in New Jersey. Some places include Cumberland Dairy and Green Market Dairy.

What year was new jersey found and who found it?

1664 by king charles 2