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She probably does like you if she is flirting with you. However, if she has a boyfriend, you may want to set your attention on a different girl who you might have a better shot with.

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Q: Who I know a girl in my class she hasn't told me she has a boyfriend (but has one) and flirts with me. Does she like me?
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What should you do when you boyfriend flirts with another girl?

Ignore it. Everyone flirts. You don't own him.

What if a girl you like has a boyfriend but she always flirts with you?

Ask her why she does and then if she says she likes you ask her out.

What does it mean when a girl flirts with you but she has a boyfriend does that mean she cheats on her boyfriends?

No. She's only cheating on her boyfriend if she goes out with another person at the same time.

How do you now when your boyfriend is cheting on you?

See if he flirts with another girl, or if there are rumors going round about him fancying another person, ask him about it!

My boyfriend is really friendly with this other girl.. He flirts with her and i know its bad but i looked through his texts and saw that they are going to dinner on monday. Will i break up with him?

He is a bad boyfriend! You will

Do you think this girl likes me she is always smiling at me and watching me in class and she flirts with me a lot?

no Maybe, if you like her just ask her out.

Can a girl who hasnt had her period get pregnant?


Can a girl get pregnant if she hasnt had her period?

It is unlikely

A girl who flirts with each and every boy?

A girl who flirts a lot probably just wants attention.

I like this girl who already have a boyfriend. I am pretty sure she like me since she never talks about him and always flirts with me.What should I do?

Ask her on a date

How do you know if a girl likes you as a boyfriend?

She constantly stares at you. You catch her talking about you positivly. She flirts. If she's shy, she'll look down if you walk by her.

How a bisexual girl flirts with another girl?

levent gurbuz

Is it considered cheating when a boyfriend flirts with another girl who knows he is involved and meets her without the girlfriend knowing about this new girl?

Well it's not considered cheting if he flirts, because he may not know he's flirting. But the seeing her part, I'm sorry but I think he's cheating.

Why does a girl still flirt with you her knowing you like her and she already has a boyfriends?

she still flirts with because she is probably trying to make her boyfriend jealous... or get him back for something he did.

How do you tell if this girl going to break up with her boyfriend?

There are no proper signs of a girl whether she is going to break up or not. But certainly there are various things that tell that. It might be the case that she flirts a lot.

How do you react when a girl you like flirts with you but already has a boyfriend?

In this situation this means the girl more and likely wants to be with you, other than her boyfriend! Just make sure you don't get to close so that her existing boyfriend now will get upset! but if you have feelings for her and you don't care what he thinks go for it!!! :) Good Luck

Signals a boy likes a girl?

Flirts with them

How can you tell if a guy is playing with your feelings?

when he flirts with you then flirts with another girl and makes sure you know

What does it mean when a girl with a boyfriend flirts?

That can mean a few things. It could mean that she isn't in love with her boyfriend anymore. She could also like to flirt, which isn't a good thing. Or she could just be an unfaithful girlfriend.

What if you had a girl in your class who?

i would want to date u amanda j this isnt from your boyfriend

What should you do-middle school-i like boy with girlfriend-flirts with you-friend asked if he liked?

If you are in middle school and a boy flirts with you, but has a girlfriend, you should ignore his flirting. Even if he likes you, he still has a girlfriend. You should respect his relationship with the other girl since you would not want him to flirt with another girl if he was your boyfriend.

What do you do when your boyfriend has been faithful for 3 weeks then you see him blowing kisses to another girl and he says he blows kisses to a lot of girls just as friends?

He flirts with other girls!

What to dowhen your man say he love you and then flirts with another girl then flirts with another in your face what do i do?

Say Bye Bye Birdie!

What if you like a girl that likes another guy but always flirts with you?

nothing. chances are, she flirts with alot of other boys too

What does it mean if a girl flirts with you a lot but the girl is just a big flirt?

She probably likes you.