Who Is Andrew's Little Miss Sunshine?

My baby no other than Jessica Leanne Hollingsworth!!! My Jessy I love you so much ma! This amazing girl has opened lost chapters in my life and I honestly feel as if she is part of me. A part which I cannot proceed to move forward without her. She is definitely a unique individual and nobody can even come close to comparison with her! Jess forgive me for the trouble that I have caused for you and your family! Believe me I take all the blame!!!!!! I think of you every moment of my life!!!! This answer box isn't big enough to describe the love I have for you. As you know, the situation I am in you will not hear of my where abouts, I have been sentenced to a strict disciplinary course, handed to the hands of Satan for I to pursue and seek for Jehovah on my own!! I can't promise you my return but I can promise you that I will try my best to set matters straight in my life and to heal the wounds I have caused on my brothers and sisters hearts. I also expect out of you my dear to take advantage of this time to seek out spiritual progress and would love to see you head on the road to baptism with a clean record and render sacred service along the many righteous ones!! I plead that you keep your chin up and know that I love my girl when she can prove to me that she is a strong girl but most importantly that she can convince her OWNSELF she is strong!!! Mi amor I love you and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and most definitely in my heart!!!! farewell my love and I hope to see you again someday til then I love you =) Yo Romeo Andrew