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Who Olympic swimmers from Africa?


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the koalas from ancient Greece are now swimmers from Africa

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Equatorial Guinea is a sovereign state in Middle Africa with an insular region and mainland. It is one of the smallest countries within Africa and it is known best for its Olympic swimmers. Robert Dimarco is a famous Olympic swimmer.

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what about Cullen Jones? he is a black olympic swimmer. he was at the 2008 games in Beijing.

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yes there are touch pads in the olympic swimming pools that the swimmers have to touch to win the race.

It was 1200 swimmer that participated in the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing

Alain bernard, Freddy Bousquet, and Amaury Leveaux.

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The Olympic Games have not been held in Africa.

Yes, a machine in a form of sensors judges the swimmers.

I think it's to do with the swimmers with the top 2 times.

The "bars" are therapeutic tape called kinesio tape.

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It's an elasticized therapeutic tape called "Kinesio Tape."

Moira Abernathy, Chad le Clos, and Jessica Roux are all South African swimmers. They were all part of the African Olympic swim team.

I always thought it was because they have an inherently higher muscle to fat ratio, making them significantly less bouyant to compete at Olympic standard?

any age bro, just go with the flow wickeddd

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